There are certain people that make you feel good, no matter what.  Daniel Nava is one such person.  The outfielder is back with the PawSox for a Major League rehab assignment (wrist).  He has distinguished himself this season in Boston, after not even getting an invitation to Major League camp this past Spruing Training.  Nava, who went 0-1 with a couple of walks on Sunday, talked about his ailing wrist.  “The status is, I’m good.  They’re better.  I’m here to see some pitches and get some at bats, and hopefully get back to Boston quick.”

     Nava made a huge splash in 2010.  In his very first Major League at bat, on the very first pitch he saw in the Bigs, he crushed a grand slam off Joe Blanton of Philadelphia.  Nava says this time around is different.  “I think anytime you do something for a second or third time, you have a better understanding of what to expect.  Things just weren’t a shock.  You knew what was coming.  What to expect and what not to expect.”  

     Nava doesn’t let the praise he’s received from management and media alike, go to his head.  “Of course it feels good.  It serves as motivation to continue the hard work.  Let’s keep it going.  Don’t get lackadaisical.  Arnie (Beyeler) and I had a conversation when I first got called up this year about that and it was something that stuck with me.”

     Nava has had a birds’ eye view inside the Boston clubhouse for most of the season.  He maintains that the Sox are still very much alive despite their struggles. “This team is still built to win.  It’s a really good team.  The positive is that  you go day by day to get a win any way you can.  That can be the best thing.  I don’t think that anyone on the team has thrown in the towel.  It has been a grind.  Every day is a grind, whether we’ve played well or not, it’s been challenging with all the injuries.  There’s nothing left to lose, so hopefully we can get things going back in the right direction.”

     Daniel adds with all the added scrutiny, the rumors and innuendo swirling about the Sox, his teammates are handling it well.  “A lot of the guys are used to it.  They’ve been around the game.  They’re savvy veterans.  You learn to separate that from what happens on the field.  This is the time to prove the doubters wrong and hopefully we can make a playoff push.”

     Tradition dictates that a M.L. player on a rehab, buys his minor league teammates a meal, or “spread” after the game.  Knowing Nava and his health conscious habits, infielder Jon Hee joked that it would probably come from “Whole Foods.”  “Yeah, he’ll get us a salad bar.”  Hee laughed.  Nava laughed harder when he heard Jons’ comments. “What’s wrong with that?”  Nothing…..I guess.



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