Tony Thomas was an important part of the 2011 North Division champion PawSox.  He decided to return to the organization this year for another go-round.  Thomas found himself on the disabled list as the season began.  Jacoby Ellsbury got hurt and through the domino effect, the Sox activated the second baseman for duty with Pawtucket. 

     On Monday night in Syracuse, Thomas exploded onto the scene, belting a pair of home runs and powering the PawSox to a 4-3 win over the Chiefs.  Ironically, I had spoken to Thomas before the game and he was taking things in stride.  “It was very frustrating.  I worked hard all Spring Training.”  Thomas managed to stay sharp while taking batting practice and fielding grounders.  “You just go out there every day, as if you were playing.  You don’t want to change your routine.” 

     Thomas hit 8 home runs last season for the PawSox.  The minor league free agent decided that he wanted to remain Red Sox property.  “I love the organization here as a whole.  The people, the players the coaching staff, it’s like a big family over here.  Everybody treats you the same and they welcome you with open arms.”  Thomas has been around long enough to know that the Opening Day roster is certain to change, so you can’t worry.  “It’s something you can’t control.  Obviously, anything can happen.  Being here in Pawtucket, you’re just a phone call away from dreams coming true.”  Thomas admits that his Big League dream is always there.  “Oh yeah.  You can’t help but think about it.  That’s why you come to the ballpark and work hard every day.  Any time, any second of the day, they are making moves.  You’ve got to be physically and mentally ready all the time.

     Thomas, an extremely gifted athlete, who was courted by many of the top college football programs in the country as a high schgool standout in Florida has already proved that he is, indeed ready at a moments’ notice.


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