One of the few distasteful things about my job is the weather.  Obviously, there’s nothing we can do about it, but it is a pain.  It’s been steadily raining in Buffalo on Sunday since I got up.  Nonetheless, we are required to be at the park, prepare for a broadcast and keep our “game face” on.  Inside the clubhouse, guys play cards, stare at “Sportscenter”, talk on the phone and listen to music.  Manager Arnie Beyeler has to make certain that the players stay sharp and are ready if the weather clears up.  The players are human, they have access to the weather channels and have all been around.  Sometimes, inevitably, they shut it down.

     The other thing I really hate are player moves.  Not the good ones.  I’m thrilled when one of our guys gets promoted to Boston, especially for the first time.  It’s the corresponding moves that are upsetting.  For example, It breaks my heart that Jacoby Ellsbury suffered a shoulder injury and his season is in jeopardy.  Ells came back from broken ribs in 2010 to post a MVP-type season in 2011.   He has taken his place among the elite players in the game.  Hopefully, it isn’t too serious.  But for every transaction, there has to be a counter move.  This is a business, and sometimes in business, your friends get the short end of the stick.  No matter how long you’ve been in the game, it stinks.

     Made a pilgrimage to the Anchor Bar after Saturdays’ game.  For those who don’t know, it is purported that the Buffalo Chicken Wing was invented and developed at the establishment.  True or not, it is a hit or miss proposition.  Inconsistent, at best.  It was Aarons’ first trip to the city, so I thought he’d enjoy it.  He seemed to.  The real wing feast comes this week in Syracuse.  The Change of Pace, owned by my dear friend, Steve Grilli, who was the losing pitcher in the longest game in baseball history as a Rochester Red Wing, makes the best wings I have ever had.  If you have read this blog before, you already know that.

     Tarp is still on field, no sign of any good weather on the radar, but I’m going to do a few pregame calisthenics to stay ready.  They say we’re going to play.  I’ll believe it when I see it


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