Who among us hasn’t had their heart broken at some point?   Last fall the Red Sox broke our hearts. A September swoon of biblical proportions.  I was saddened by it.  I was hurt.  I couldn’t understand it, even though I endured every agonizing minute of it.  Why us?  We had stopped saying that for a while.  The Patriots had their dynasty early in the new millenium.  The Sox reversed the curse in 2004 and for good measure, won again in 2007.  The Celts and the Big 3 bested the Lakers in 2008 and even the Bruins skated off with Lord Stanleys’ Cup last season.  We were riding high.

     We have had all winter to digest the debacle at Fenway.  Terry Francona and Bobby Valentine have essentially switched jobs.  Tito will work on ESPN, while Bobby V manages the Red Sox.  In the meantime, we’ve been further emotionally crippled by the Pats’ inability to beat the Giants.  We’ve seen the Celtics age before our very eyes, and we’ve been bludgeoned to death by Tebow mania and now Lin-sanity.  My question is- “Are you ready to love again/”

     It’s not quite Spring yet, but it is the time of year when ANYTHING is possible.  Anything.  Every man, woman and child has the chance to be happy.  You’ve been beaten up in the past.  We all have.  You can say “screw it!” or you can get back up on the horse.  I think I’ll choose to embrace the Sox again.  Give it another try.  My friend, “The Colonel”, was a Sox fan his entire life.  The Aaron Boone home run in 2003 was the last straw.  He announced a change of allegiance, to, of all teams, the Yankees.  He remained steadfast until the Sox ended their 86 year drought.  He wanted back in.  Too late.

     When you love something or someone, you want to be loved back.  Last season, the Boston Red Sox didn’t love us back. They cut us off at the knees.  They pulled the rug out from under us.  They “bonked” us over the head with a giant hammer.  You may not yet be ready to profess your love. I can’t blame you.  Proceed with caution. You don’t want to get clobbered again.  If you do love the Sox, don’t be afraid to stand on the rooftop and yell it out.  Certainly, there’s a risk.  But, how about the reward?  Sometimes in life, you have to play a hunch.  Go with your gut. The payoff could be the sweetest reward of all.  Getting loved back.  


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  1. Don

    I can only hope that the excitement I once felt about going to Fenway returns. This is the first year in quite some time that I haven’t sat by my computer to purchase tickets on the first day of sales. The sour taste in my mouth is really not there because of the collapse, but more because of the way that the ownership handled the end of the season. I never found this group of owners to be very likable and after last year I really don’t want any of my money to go into their pockets.

    To end this message on a positive note…I can’t wait to get back to McCoy! The PawSox are the best organization in all of baseball.


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