OK, I admit it.  Bobby Valentine was not my first choice as manager of the Red Sox.  In fact, I wouldn’t have even interviewed the guy.  I looked at him as a re-tread, who’s been out of the Major Leagues for a decade.  To steal a line from Hall of Fame broadcaster, Dick Vitale,  this could be “The greatest comeback since Lazarus.”  Now, Valentine is my guy.  Because I am a Red Sox fan, and the Sox have chosen Valentine, he is my guy. 

     Jimmy Fallon said it best in the movie “Fever Pitch”. “Is there anything else you still care about that you cared about years ago?”  I’ve thought that one over many times and the answer is “no”.  A resounding “no”.  So when my team makes a decision, I will stick by them.  Since Valentine was named, pundits have come out of the woodwork, extolling the decision and his virtues.  I hope they are right.  Most of the opinions are no more important than mine, but one that I respect immensely, is that of Hall of Famer Peter Gammons.  Gammons makes a compelling argument that Valentine/Cherington can be a very successful relationship if both parties are going to make winning top priority.  Remember that Bobby V isn’t exactly inheriting a “bare cupboard”.  From May 1 to August 31, the Red Sox were the best team in baseball.

     I liken the hiring of Bobby Valentine to the election of President Obama.  He wasn’t my choice, but once elected, he became my President.  I want the best for him and the country.  I root for him.  After all, it helps all of us if he is successful.  So Bobby Valentine has my full support (not that it’s going to matter to him).

     Valentine being hired, meant that Torey Lovullo wasn’t.  I’m confident that at some point, the former PawSox skipper will manage in the Big Leagues.  He will be good.


     One morsel of good news surfaced earlier this week.  Former Pawtucket manager and Boston first base coach, Ron Johnson has been hired as manager of the Orioles Triple A affiliate, the Norfolk Tides.  Dan Duquette, the new GM of the O’s also hired RJ to work for the Sox.  RJ replaces former IL MVP and Pawtucket/Boston catcher, Gary Allenson in Norfolk.  It will be great to see Johnson back in the IL.  Norfolk suddenly moves to the top of places I look forward to visiting as I go into my ninth season with the PawSox and twelfth season overall in the League.


One comment

  1. toosoxy

    Two year contract. And John Farrell has two years left on his. Coincidence?
    I’m with you. I’m going to jump on the Bobby V train- at least until he does something stupid in a Sox hat.

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