Why is it that the Red Sox are still the only team without a manager?  Should they have pulled the trigger on Dale Sveum, or was Sveum just the favorite of Theo Epstein, who eventually brought him to the Cubs.  Sveum, Pete Mackinin, Sandy Alomar Jr. and the rest of the candidates all seem like guys who could and would blend into the woodwork. Gene Lamont is another perfect example.  The 64 year old Lamont has managed in the Bigs before, without distinction.  Heck, I’d rather see the Sox skippered by Lamont from “Sanford and Son”.  He could put Grady and Bubba  on his coaching staff.  That would be fun.  Aunt Esther could sit right behind the plate, next to Jeremy Kapstein.

     It looks like Bobby Valentine is the leading candidate at the moment.  I don’t get that choice and honestly, unless someone has a compelling argument in favor of Bobby V, I don’t like it.  Ever since he came out of the clubhouse after an ejection, wearing a false mustache, I’v regarded him as a clown.  That’s not what the Red Sox need.  Players who’ve played for him have told me that it’s “always about Bobby”, meaning he craves the spotlight and will try to get his share.  I wouldn’t exactly call him a winner, either.  In 15 Major league seasons, he is just 45 games over the .500 plateau  (1117-1072) although he did win a Japanese World Series in 2005.

     Let this be a lesson to all you holiday shoppers.  If you wait too long, you only get the picked-over stuff.  In this case, I think the Sox were shopping at Wal-Mart, rather than Nordstrom.



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