I am certain I have spoken out before about my feelings about the knuckleball in general and Tim Wakefield, in particular.  I hate the knuckleball.  I don’t hate Wakefield, but it’s time to call it quits.  Wakefield is 45 and well beyond his best days.  In 2011, he went 7-8 with an ERA of 5.12.  I guess it didn’t look that bad in comparison to Jon Lackey.  Anyway,  we all kept vigil as he arduously stumbled and bumbled to his 200th win.  He finally got it and I figured maybe he’d ride off into the sunset.  No chance.  His agent says he wants to return to Boston for 2012.

     Barry Meister is his agent and he is lobbying for Wakefields’ return.  “It would be a shame if he didn’t pitch for Boston.”  I, and thousands, maybe millions of Sox fans disagree.  Maybe he wasn’t chugging beer and chowing down on fried chicken, but he wan’t much help either.  We’ve seen what he can do.  Been there, done that.  As it turns out, it would have been better to watch Kyle Weiland, Alex Wilson or Felix Doubront cut their Major League teeth.  Gracefully bow out.  Meister claims, he can find a home in the National League and win “15 games.”  Highly unlikely, considering he has won that many games only 4 times in 19 years.

     Although his 2 million dollar salary may seem paltry by todays’ standards, where else will he make that kind of dough?  Everything about his desire to stay is selfish.  He is 6 wins short of tying Cy Young and Roger Clemens all time Red Sox record for victories.  Really, does he belong on the same line as Young and the now-disgraced Clemens?  Not even close.  Yeah, 200 wins is special.  How about the 180 losses.  Play golf, go fishing.  Just go.  His agent says “He wants to win.”  Wow, really?  And how does that set him apart from anyone else?  I love to win, but the Sox aren’t going to let me go out there and pitch.  I could have lost nearly 200 games for them over the last couple of decades if they let me.    

     The Sox let Papelbon go.  Why not cut ties with Tim Wakefield.  Does he have pictures?  I respect the tradition of the Red Sox.  Hey,  it would be fun to have Carl Yastrzemski back.  A 72 year old leftfielder would be perfect with the ancient knuckler.  Nonetheless, it is up to management.  Do the right thing.  A gold watch, a car, whatever it takes to make Wake go away.  A baseball funeral for Wake.   If Ben Cherington  re-signs him, he may deserve a rap on the knuckles.


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