Just some random thoughts as we edge closer to Spring Training.  I say that somewhat sarcastically and here’s why.  What is up with the “goobers” who, one day after the World Series ends, proclaim that they “miss baseball already” and “can’t wait for Spring Training”.  Really??  Especially the way things ended this year?  As William Shatner one famously said in a skit spoofing Trekkies on Saturday Night Live, “Get a life, people!”

     I am on Twitter.  Both my daughter Eva, and Dan Hoard convinced me to jump on board last Spring.  I do find it interesting at times, but man, have I wasted time following the inane ramblings of some people.  We do not need to hear your every thought.

     I am relatively certain that Pete Mackinin and Dale Sveum are good people, but honestly, if I held up a picture of either one, could the average Joe name him?  I love the folks who think they know who will be a good manager and who won’t.  The in-depth profiles are great, but who cares if Sveum likes strawberry ice cream and Mackinin watches reruns of “Seinfeld.”  Seems to me that that type of “microscope” was what helped lead to the end of the Tito era in Boston.  

     Allaird Baird is a nice guy and I’ve enjoyed my encounters with him over the last several   seasons.  He is the former GM of the Royals, who was brought to Boston by Theo Epstein, as an assistant.  Allard reportedly took himself out of the running for the GM job in Baltimore.  How bad of a job must that be?  Hey, Peter Angelos, if no one else wants it, I’ll take it. Last time I saw the Orioles, they looked pretty good.

     Ecstatic for my man, Rob Leary.  Leary was hired by the Indians as their minor league field coordinator, a position he once held and handled adeptly with the Sox.  Leary was recently let go in the aftermath of Black September.  He was a staff assistant in Boston the last couple of years.  He is too good a baseball man to not have a job.

     Spoke to my dear friend Ron Johnson recently.  RJ, the former PawSox manager who had been a first base coach in Boston for a couple of years, was also let go the same day as Leary.  Simply, those two were no longer under contract, and not renewed, while the other coaches still had time left on their deals.  RJ says he has spoken to a few friends in the game and was starting to listen to offers.  Johnson, whos’ daughter Bridget endured a tragic accident accident last summer that cost her a leg, was philosophical when he talked about the job situation.  “The Red Sox were good to me for a lot of years.”  RJ continued.  “Hydes, after what we went through last year, this is nothing.”  Nonetheless, I didn’t like the way Johnson was let go.  Made it look like he and Leary were scapegoated for the epic collapse.  Believe me, it wasn’t their fault.

     Also was in touch with another former Pawtucket skipper recently.  Torey Lovullo, who managed the PawSox in 2010 said he was flattered to be at least mentioned as a potential candidate to replace his friend Terry Francona in Boston.  Torey went to Toronto to be John Farrells’ first base coach with the Jays.

     I love the holidays just as much as anyone, but isn’t Novemebr 1 a tad early for Christmas music?


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