As the Red Sox season ended so unceremoniously, the 2011 Baseball season drew to a close for me.  When the Sox are out, so am I.  I take some pride in that.   I have not yet watched one inning of the poostseason and I more than likely, won’t.  Just how I am.  You may argue that I’m not a baseball fan.  Maybe, you’re right.  I do love the game, but only when my Sox (Red or Paw) are involved.  I’m the same way with most other sports.  NFL might be the exception.  While I love my Pats, I can enjoy a lot of other teams.  NBA- Celtics only.  College hoops, Big East or ACC during the regular season.  I am always riveted to March Madness.  I am a Syracuse fan (Mostly basketball) and an Ohio State fan (Mostly football)  I built those allegiances while I covered those teams during my career.  My daughter Eva will be transferring to The Ohio State University in January, so I suspect that I will remain loyal to the money I spend there for her education.  It’s like the bumper sticker-  “My daughter and my money go to Ohio State.”  The least they could do is let me “dot the i.”

     I am tremendously unexcited by the names I am hearing as potential successors to Terry Francona.  Then again, I’m not sure I was doing cartwheels 8 years ago when Tito was hired.  I think it will take a while for me to regain my interest in Baseball and the Sox.  Whether you want to, or not, you invest a lot of time and energy in their season.  As a fan and broadcaster, I’m rooting for them.  I have for more than 40 years.  After a while, you learn that it doesn’t matter.  Life goes on.  People are born.  People die.  Bills are paid.  I feel especially badly for my dear friend Ron Johnson and any other coaches that may become casualties.  If these guys had played their cards right, they all should have been able to stay there as long as they wanted.

     I’m pretty certain that there will be more fallout after the disastrous month of September.  Seems inevitable.  I have other ideas regarding other sports, as well.  The Pats better stiffen up their defense.  It will be tougher without Mayo at linebacker  for the next six weeks.  Ya gotta beat the Jets this Sunday.  Ya just gotta.  NBA- they are making a huge tactical error by not having this season.  Fans are going to learn that they can get along just fine without the millionaires in short pants.  College basketball and the Pats and Bruins will carry us through the long, cold winter.  I suspect that the winter is just long enough.  When we get the news that the trucks have left Fenway Park, bound for Fort Myers, loaded with equipment, we will be ready to resume our one-sided love affair.


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