It may be symbolic and somehow fitting that the power in the team hotel went out on Wednesday night/Thursday morning in Syracuse.  The power for the PawSox seems to have petered out as well.  The lowly Chiefs have manhandled Pawtucket in 4 of the first 5 games of their three city series.  Perhaps it is a coincidence that the PawSox have dropped 5 of 7 games since Ryan Lavarnway was promoted to Boston.  I don’t know for sure.

     After holding or sharing first place for the last 18 days, the PawSox have picked the worst time possible for a swoon.  The club has dropped six of its’ last nine games and is a game behind Lehigh Valley in the North Division and just 2 ahead of Gwinnett for the wild card.  One more in Syracuse, 4 in Scranton and a pair in Rochester before the final 4 at McCoy.  No secret formula, the boys have to start winning again.

     Kyle Weiland gets the ball tonight.  The righty hasn’t been the same since his return from Boston.  If the PawSox are to entertain any hopes of a post season berth, it rests on Weilands’ shoulders, starting today.


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