Obviously, I realize we play 72 games at home and 72 on the road during an International League season.  It does seem, though, that we’ve been on the road an awful lot so far.  It’s no where near as much fun when the PawSox are losing, as they have been here in Norfolk.  Baseball is a tough game to figure out.  The Tides are the worst team in the I.L., yet they’ve won three straight against Pawtucket, holding the PawSox to just 5 runs over 31 innings.

     Dan Hoard and I took advantage of the day game on Thursday, making our long awaited pilgrimage to see the sequel, “Hangover 2”.  We both enjoyed the original very much.  Folks, if you haven’t seen “2” yet, don’t bother.  You’d get just as much out of it, if you took a ten dollar bill and lit it on fire.  You can’t rip yourself off, but Director Todd Phillips didn’t even try to make this any different than the original.  I am amazed that there hasn’t been an outcry from the public.  Not even Zack Galifianakis could save this raunchy mess.  Believe me, stay home.  You’d be better off with a real hangover of your own.

     How great was that series in the Bronx?  I joke on the air that I told everyone “not to worry” when the Red Sox started so miserably.  I figured they’d get better, but didn’t imagine it could happen so quickly.  I absolutely adore the way the Sox have owned the Yankees this season.  I was amused the other day when David Ortiz flipped his bat after the home run in game 1 of the series.  Dan pointed out that I wouldn’t have been so entertained if it had been a Yankees player doing it.  He’s right, I’m sure.  Sometimes Big Papis’ act wears thin.  After the win that completed the sweep in New York, Ortiz chastised the media because he was hit by a pitch.  It was the first time in 161 games against New York that Ortiz had gotten zapped.  He was irked that the media had pointed out that fact earlier in the week.  The media is a convenient scapegoat for athletes when they want it to be.  When they want, they use it to their advantage.  Who, more than David Ortiz has used it over the years to become the loveable, kindly Teddy Bear that wears #34?  I’ve been around him before, and he’s ok, but it’s not all peaches and cream.  I don’t think I have ever once heard Kevin Youkilis complain about getting hit by a pitch.  It’s a part of the game.  Wear it.  There are police and fire personnel going out every day and risking their lives.  Our military defends our country, stationed in the most ungodly places on the planet.  You got hit by a pitch.  Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!   

     Behavior like that is perpetuated by younger guys like the knuckle head in the Nationals organization, Bryce Harper.  Last years’ number one overall pick is tearing it up in Low A, Hagerstown.  Unfortunately, maturity is a big issue.  The 18 year old, while possessing the baseball skills of a man much older, seems to have the I.Q. of a child.  After hitting a home run the other day, he blew a kiss to the pitcher that gave it up.  Try that in the Major Leagues and they’ll be fitting you for an orthopedic helmet.

     Anyway, the point is that I wish these guys would think before they act or speak.  If they knew what it looked or sounded like, they might not do it.  Then again, maybe they don’t care.




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