Kevin Millwood is 36 years old and since 1997 has earned roughly 89 million dollars.  He has won 159 games at the Major League level.  After losing 16 games in 2010, you might think Millwood would be ready to ride off into the sunset.  Not so.  Millwood tossed a masterpiece on Monday, working six and two thirds innings, holding Norfolk to one run on 5 hits.  Millwood whiffed 4 batters and didn’t walk any.  Millwood was understandably pleased after his outing.  “I felt good.  I felt like my mechanics were close to where they need to be.  My location was good.  I got a lot of quick outs.  It kind of went the way I wanted it to go.” 

     Millwoods’ outing against Durham was a far cry from his first effort five days earlier.  He gave up four runs in two and two thirds innings.  “The biggest difference was locating the ball better.  If I locate the ball, I’m going to pitch better, and that’s what happened today.”

     It wasn’t his first appearance at Durham Bulls Athletic Park.  He pitched there in 1996 when the Bulls were an A ball team.  It was his first time back at “DBAP”.  “I’ve been by here, but I’ve never been in here.  It’s been a while, but I’ve always loved this place.  It was a fun place to play.  I don’t know if there’s a better place to go for a Triple A ballpark.”

     All the money.  All the wins.  Things that a lot of people only dream of.  With all he’s accomplished, why ride the busses of the minor leagues?  “It’s an opportunity to get back in the Big Leagues with a really good ballclub.  If I can go out and prove that I can still pitch and get people out, then I’ll have that opportunity.”

     Millwood is from Gastonia, North Carolina.  He joked that folks wouldn’t make the drive to Durham to watch him pitch.  “Nope.  No family or friends today.  It’s a little bit of a drive from Gastonia.”  Millwood joked.  “I think they’ve seen enough of me.”

     Maybe they’ll just wait until he’s back in the Major Leagues.


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