Despite all the rain we’ve had here in Columbus over the last few days, it’s been a good trip.  On Tuesday, I enjoyed the most fortuitous rainout in International League history.  My daughters Eva and Carly live in the area, so it’s my favorite trip of the year.  It happened that Eva, who’s a student at Olentangy High School was having her Senior Awards Assembly that night.  Frustrating to be in the area and not be able to attend.  Well, the weather/baseball Gods cooperated and as the skies opened up with torrential rains, I was the happiest guy in Buckeye Nation when the game was postponed.  I borrowed the Penske Truck that Rick Medeiros carts our equipment around in, and made the trip to the school in plenty of time.

     First, what are the odds that I’m in Columbus that night?  And second, a rainout?  I am indeed blessed with the daughters I have.  “Proud” only begins to describe the way they make me feel.  Eva, who acts as my conscience and advisor, even at the tender age of 18, is wise beyond her years.  She is giving and caring, things that I am working on, myself.  She hauled in several awards at the assembly.  She was recently recognized as the member of her senior class who contributed the most service hours to the area.  She was named the top marketing student in her class.  She also received recognition from the National Honor Society.  Eva was named the student that had contributed the most to her school.  If it sounds like I’m bragging, I am.  As I’ve said before, if you have a daughter or friend like Eva Hyder, you are lucky.  She will be a freshman at Ashland University in Ohio, this fall

     The next day, when Dan Hoard saw Eva, he congratulated her.  He added that her most impressive feat, however, was getting her father to sign on to Twitter.  I guess I still have one foot firmly planted back in the 20th century.  I’ve been on for a couple of days and have only “tweeted” a few times.  I will get it rolling very soon.  You can follow me on Twitter @SteveTHyder. 


     When I rejoined the team on Tuesday, I was excited to see Tommy Hottovy in the clubhouse.  The extremely talented and likeable lefty was promoted from AA Portland.  Like fellow southpaw, Rich Hill, Tommy has been working on a sidearm delivery that has met positive reviews.  Hottovy said it was a bit disappointing to begin the season in Double A, but he quickly added that Pawtucket wasn’t his goal, either.  “No. I want to be in the Major Leagues, and I’m trying to do whatever it takes.”

     As is usually the case, when a new player arrives, another player has to depart.  In this case, Hottovy replaced Kris Johnson on the PawSox roster.  Johnson, who had been on the Pawtucket roster for parts of three seasons, was released by the Red Sox.   Hottovy, who has known KJ since he was 12, and were both players at Wichita State still has high hopes for his friend.  “I hope KJ gets his confidence back.  His stuff can play.  His stuff is as good as it was when he was at his highest of highs.  Maybe a change of scenery is what he needs.  I’m sad to see him go.  We’ve known each other for a long time.  He’s a good friend.”


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