Before I begin, let me wish the greatest kid in the world, my daughter, Eva, a Happy 18th Birthday.  You don’t get any luckier than having her as your daughter and friend.


     I have been in broadcasting for a long time.  I ‘ve had good partners and I’ve had bad partners.  I will honestly tell you that I have never had a better partner than Dan Hoard.  Earlier this week, Dan was named by the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League, to be their play by play voice. They scored a touchdown with that hire.  I will tell you why.

     When it comes to preparation and creativity, Dan leaves no stone unturned.  He excels at finding an “angle”.  Something, as he calls it- a “nugget”, that takes an athlete or story to the next level.  His preparation is meticulous.  I have seen him working on “game notes” at some ungodly hours, on the bus, at the ballpark, where ever is necessary.

     Dan Hoard is not an overnight success.  He has put years, no decades, into perfecting his craft.  I always thought his next stop would be Major League Baseball, but that shows you just how good a broadcaster he is.  The Bengals, having heard his flawless work as the voice of the University of Cincinnati football and basketball teams, hired him last fall to do their exhibition games on TV.  No shock, he aced that exam, and has been rewarded with the NFL gig.  Hoard is well-loved in Cincy.  Believe me, I’ve seen it first hand in airports and ballparks across the fruited plain.  Dan is easy to listen to.  He’s your friend on the air.  He has the patience of Job.

     I’ve been lucky.  He’s been my friend on the air and off, as well.  We’ve been together in the PawSox radio booth now for almost 6 seasons.  Virtually inseparable, it’s a rare day when we don’t share at least one meal together.  We have known each other for over 20 years and I credit Dan for helping me get started in broadcasting, back in the 80’s.  I have learned a lot from him, both on and off the air.  We have shared our personal lives, the ups and downs that go along with what we do.    

     I have mixed emotions, though.  These are huge shoes the PawSox have to fill.  I have a hard time imagining that there is a better broadcaster or guy out there.  I will look forward to the rest of our final season together, eating unhealthy food, joking around and doing what we both love.  Broadcasting PawSox Baseball.  Congratulations.  You’ve earned it, and on behalf of whomever I may represent, thanks for being Dan Hoard.


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