During the NFL season, I lamented that baseball was too gentlemanly a game.  Managers would never call out another teams’ player, manager or even G.M.  I spoke about how the head coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan was an oaf with a big mouth.  Even though Ryans’ Jets had a “foot” up on the Patriots, after beating them in the playoffs, I found him a likeable clown.  I am not laughing with Buck Showalter.  The former Yankees manager and currently the skipper of the Orioles, opened his big yap the other day with lots of criticism about, among others, Theo Epstein.

     Lately, it has become the “vogue” thing to do- wonder how good a general manager Epstein would be if the Red Sox didn’t have such “deep pockets”  Now that’s o.k for the numbskulls that listen to sports talk radio.  It’s alright for the disgruntled fan who just spent a months’ rent to take his family to Fenway and watched them lose.  It’s water-cooler talk all around the “Nation.”  How does a manager in the Ameican League East, whose team will finish no better than fourth in the division have the nerve???  Did you hear Showalter complain when the Yankees were loading up on high-priced free agents when he was their manager?  No.  It is interesting to note that the Yankees won the World Series in 1996, the year after Buck left the Bronx.  Even more interesting is that the DiamondBacks won their only World Series title in 2001, the year after Showalter was fired from that gig.

     Terry Francona was aggravated by the comments, sticking by his boss, Epstein.  Epstein declined comment.  Showalter says he’s not sure if he’ll apologize to Theo or not.  I have a feeling that the Sox are going to make it a special mission to improve on their 9-9 record against the O’s from a season ago.  It all just adds to the drama that is the American League East.


     It’s going to be an exciting week.  Opening day is April 7 at McCoy.  Plenty of great seats available.  The PawSox open against Rochester and former I.L. MVP Jeff Bailey (Pawtucket- 2008) 7:05 p.m.


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