Shortstop Jed Lowrie has endured his share of ailments in the last couple of years.  It has slowed down his rise to Major League success.  When healthy, he has been a big contributor.  Let’s hope that 2011 is a year of nothing but good health for the former PawSox standout. 

     Lowrie was a 2 time All American at Stanford University.  He teamed with former Sox farmhand Chris Carter in Palo Alto, earning a Pac-10 player of the year award in 2004.  The native of Salem Oregon turns 27 on April 17 and is anticipating good health and success this year.  ” I feel great.  I have the same routine as I had last year, living in Toronto, working with the same people as I did last year,except this year, I feel healthy.”  Despite the setbacks of last season, Lowrie was unfazed.  “I’ve always been a confident player.  I know what I am capable of doing.  I just want to get out there and do it.  It’s only going to help.”

     There is no controversy as far as who will be the starting shortstop on opening day for Boston.  That was quelled back in January by manager, Terry Francona.  Marco Scutaro will get the nod.  According to Mike Andrews, the man who runs soxprospects.com, that could change.  “I think Scutaro will be the guy on Opening Day, but  I think that by the time the playoffs begin, Jed will be the man.”  Lowrie just goes about his business.  “I don’t worry about it at all.  After what I’ve been through the last two or three years, all I want to do is to be ready to play.”


     As you know, during the season, we chronicle our travels.  Good restaurants, movies etc.  I have to admit, I am hooked on season 10 of American Idol.  Hadn’t watched it since the Ruben Studdard year, but the addition of Steven Tyler as a judge got me to watch.  Dusty Brown was somewhat of an Idol afficianado.  Sorry he’s not in the organization anymore.  For my money, the best guy is Jacob Lusk and the best woman is Pia Toscano.  Thank goodness for the DVR.  I won’t miss Idol on the nights we go into extra innings.


     Hard to imagine, but in 2011, I have already hosted three episodes of PawSox Insider, our weekly magazine program, giving you a look at the PawSox and baseball in general.  It can be heard on Saturday afternoons on our flagship station 920 WHJJ in Providence.  This week (3/5) it follows URI Basketball.  My guests are Brian McPherson from the Providence Journal and Mike Andrews from soxprospects.com. 


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