For the second straight year, the Red Sox had to go out and replace their Triple A manager.  Torey Lovullo replaced Ron Johnson a year ago and has since joined John Farrell’s staff in Toronto.  While Lovullo came from outside the organization, hiring him was a “no-brainer” according to Terry Francona.  This time the Sox promoted from within, bringing Arnie Beyeler up from Double A Portland.  Mike Hazen is the director of player development for the Sox and he has high praise for the work done by the new PawSox skipper.  “His passion and work ethic make him the right guy.  I think that’s been consistent with the guys we’ve had here and that’s one of the more important qualities that we see in any manager at any level.  That’s why he was so deserving of being promoted to this level.  He brings an energy level, day in and day out, that really is unmatched in our system.  The players feed off of that.  It’s not about wins or losses every day, it’s the enthusiasm that you need to have over the course of a 144 game schedule.  We’re pretty fortunate to have him in our system  the last four years and now taking over at Triple A.”

     While the Sox have always liked Beyeler, they passed him over in 2010 in favor of Lovullo.  A year later, the time is right.  Hazen says that the Red Sox weren’t surprised that Beyeler did the job last season in Portland, despite what fans may have regarded as a snub. “From a development standpoint, the job in Double A and Triple A are equally important.  Externally, it looks like a true promotion, but we try to put the guys in a position where they are going to have an impact on the players.  Last year, we made the decision that it was going to be Torey.  This year, it’s Arnie.”  Hazen added that Beyelers’ knowledge of the players in the system is a factor.  “It wasn’t that he did anything differently last year in comparison to the other three he’s been here, we felt like it was the best time for him to come up here and take over these players.  There are a lot of players comng to Pawtucket this year that he’s already managed and we feel like extending that relationship is important.”

     Hazen and Lovullo had previously worked together in the Indians system.  When you saw the two together, it was evident they are good friends.  Hazen says there are no mixed emotions for him as his friend leaves.  He is happy for him.    “No, I love him. He’s like a brother to me, he always has been, ever since I’ve been around professional baseball.  I know how badly he wanted to coach at the Major League level.  It’s just like a player.  That’s their goal.  To watch them go and do it, you feel happiness and joy for them.  Hopefully, he’ll have success. Not against us, but he will have success and go on to bigger and better things, as well.  I’m really happy for Torey.”

     While injuries decimated Boston and in turn, Pawtucket in 2010, it’s time to turn the page.  Hazen reluctantly admits, that the PawSox could be a force in the International League this season.  “That’s the kiss of death, isn’t it?  I thought we were a good team on paper last year, as well.  When you play with a dfferent roster every day, that is what happens at the  minor league level.  You get stuck with a bunch of injuries, guys get moved up and you lose your best players every day, that can present a challenge.  If we can maintain our health at the Major League level, we should be pretty good down here.”


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