I am not a guy who gets overly excited about a lot of things (although I was absolutely giddy after the Patriots humiliated the Jets).  However, you can officially consider me excited about the state of the Nation.  By that, I refer to the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics as of December, 2010.

     The Sox blew away the competition in Orlando, where the annual Winter meetings were held.  Now that I better comprehend the Adrian Gonzalez deal, I am excited about that.  He will sign some time in 2011 and be a fixture at first base.  Carl Crawford has been a thorn in the side of Boston forever.  Now he is one of us.  Think of this potential lineup on Opening Day.

Jacoby Ellsbury-CF

Carl Crawford-LF

Dustin Pedroia-2B

Kevin Youklilis-3B

Adrian Gonzalez-1B

David Ortiz-DH

J.D. Drew-RF

Marco Scutaro-SS

Jarrod Saltalamacchia-C

     Your bench will be deep.  Mike Cameron could platoon at DH and provide depth in the outfield.  Jed Lowrie could contend for the shortstop spot.  Everyone is frothing at the mouth (rightfully so) over budding superstar Ryan Kalish.  The rotation is set.  You have to have good comeback years from Beckett and Lackey.  Buchholz and Lester are both “aces” and Daisuke isn’t a bad fifth starter.  The pen is anchored by Jonathan Papelbon, who I believe is still a premier closer.  Daniel Bard is extremely valuable.  It is really heady stuff.  There can’t be any way the injuries of 2010 repeat themselves.  The addition of Crawford is awesome.  I get a kick out of the “experts”.  They contend that the Sox batting order is too heavily laden with left handed hitters.  I’d rather have a good lefty batter than a mediocre righty.  The balance of power has shifted and this could be, and should be a 100 win season for the “good guys.”

     The Celtics are on a tear.  Thursday night, they found a way to beat the 76ers in Philly.  The Big 3 have never been bigger.  Rajon Rondo is emerging as the best point guard in the NBA.  I absolutely love the addition of Shaquille O’Neal.  Not only for his play, but for the leadeship and levity the “Big Shamrock” brings.  Glenn Davis has become so valuable and when Kendrick Perkins, Delonte West and Jermaine O’Neal get healthy, is there a deeper team in basketball?    The Celts make those cold winter nights much more bearable.

     The Patriots are amazing.  Two reasons.  Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  If there was ever a guy you could put your faith in, it’s Coach Belichick.  With the youngest defense in the NFL, The Pats are 10-2, tied for the best record in the league.  The man knows how to evaluate talent and coach it, as well.  When his career is over, he may go down as the best coach in NFL history.  Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL.  He may not be the quickest afoot.  He may not have the strongest arm.  When the chips are down, though, he is the man I want under center.  The word “great” is overused and cliche, but does it apply anywhere more than it does with #12?  As long as Bill and Tom are together, the Patriots will be an elite team.

     My point is this.  We have the best team in MLB, NBA and the NFL.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  I predict a clean sweep in 2011.  The World Series, The NBA title and The Super Bowl.  How great would that be?   


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