As ideas of turkey, stuffing and cranberry have already started creeping into my mind, so have some of these thoughts…..

     The acquisition of Andrew Miller from Florida may be a steal.  The former North Carolina teammate of Daniel Bard has been an underachiever since he was drafted in the first round (#6) in 2006.  The Sox ferried Dustin Richardson off to South Florida in exchange for Miller.  Ironically, this past season, former PawSox manager Torey Lovullo was asked about the greatest prospects he’d ever seen.  He said Ryan Kalish was the top position player he’d managed and he said Miller was the pitcher that ranked #1 in his mind.  Ironically, Torey is now with Toronto and won’t have a chance to manage Miller.  That’s ok, but I wish John Farrell was still around.  He seems to have a knack with young pitchers like Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz.  As for Richardson, he seemed to “fail” his audition with Boston.  I’ve noticed over the years that the Sox unload you at almost the moment they think youi’ll never help the Big Club.  Richardson, the stoic Kansan, once appeared on an ESPN reality TV show, while a student at Texas Tech.  The 6’6 Richardson was a finalist on “Knight School”, competing for a spot as a walk-on for Bobby Knights’ basketball team.  Of course, I hope Richardson flourishes in Florida and Miller enjoys a renaissance with the Sox.

     Anybody know where Theo Epstein is spending Thanksgiving this year?  Hopefully in Arksansas with Cliff Lee.  I understand that they enjoy roasted “roadkill” on that day.  The fondest wish is for a meaty animal like a raccoon or possum.  No one could cook that stuff up like Granny on the “Beverly Hillbillies.”  (That Irene Ryan was a beautiful gal!!!  Frances Bavier , a.k.a. Aunt Bea is still my favorite, though!)

     Anyone else tired of the NFL’s recent crackdown on “hard hits?”  We train our athletes to become as strong and as fast and as violent as they possibly can and then fine them for doing their job.  I understand the whole “helmet to helmet” thing and we should protect against injury, concussions, etc.  I’m glad that baseball doesn’t fine you for hitting the ball as hard as you can.  While I’m taking shots at other sports, anyone dumb enough to fork over $60 to watch the pay per view fight Saturday?  For much less than that, you can come to McCoy Stadium and watch the PawSox play.  You’re guaranteed nine innings, and the pay per view doesn’t come with snacks.   


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