This is strictly speculation.  Believe me, I haven’t bounced this off anyone.  I can, however, put two and two together, and it makes perfect sense to me that the PawSox could be lookijng for a new manager this offseason.  Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell has been hired to replace Cito Gaston as manger of Toronto.  Farrell will need lieutenants in Canada, and who better than Torey Lovullo?  Lovullo, who just completed his first season in the Sox organization is a sure-fire, Big League skipper some day..  The question is, would he better served managing in the International League again this year, or as bench coach for the Blue Jays?  Farrell and Torey go back to their days together in the Indians organization.  Farrell was one of several men who put in a good word for Torey to be hired by the Red Sox.  Again,  I reiterate, that I have not spoken to Lovullo or anyone about this.  The PawSox will already be searching for a new hitting instructor.  Gerald Perry was hired by the Oakland A’s as their new batting coach.  I found Gerald, a 1988 National League All Star with the Braves to be an engaging guy who really seemed to be tapped in to his players.

     I don’t want to lose Torey, but Farrell would be hard pressed to find a better baseball guy to sit beside him in the dugout in the Rogers Centre.  He’s a classy guy, knows the game and is extremely likeable.  I am fairly certain that Farrell will begin assembling his staff relatively quickly.  Another consideration…does this open the door in Boston for Pawtrucket pitching coach Rich Sauveur?  Sauveur has worked with virtually everyone currently on the staff.  Boston may opt for a candidate that has Major League experience, but if they don’t,  we could see an entirely different staff at McCoy in 2011. 


     You knew I couldn’t let this pass by.  I was gleeful and giddy on Friday night as Texas eliminated the Yankees in the ALCS.  Happy for David Murphy and his team, and even happier to see the looks on the faces of the Yankees players and staff.  Boston has some holes to fill, no doubt.  So do the Yanks.  The Cliff Lee sweepstakes should be interesting.  It should come down to the good guys and the bad.  New York is faced with having to deal with a nucleus of aging stars.  Jeter, Posada etc.  Mariano Rivera has been chugging from the fountain of youth.  Sign him quick.  Let’s just hope that whatever moves they make, are the wrong ones.  It is going to be an interesting offseason. 


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