There really is no rational reason a lot of times as to who you root for or for that matter, against.  As baseball is over in 2010 for me (sorry Boston) I turn my attention to my beloved New England Patriots and to college football.  I root for Ohio State (my daughters and I used to live in Columbus).  In college football, that’s really about it.  I do root against a lot of teams though.  Much of it is based on personal experiences I may have had with a coach or player from the school.  Also, it is based on a graduate of that particular school that I might not like, or even a broadcaster from that college that I may loathe.  Anyway, I have absolutely no interest in the Pac-10 or for that matter, UCLA, but I did find myself rooting for the Bruins as they were drubbed by Stanford, 35-0.  PawSox manager Torey is a UCLA grad and a member of their athletic Hall of Fame. Torey is a great guy and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him in 2010.  He was clearly a bright spot in the season.  Even after spending a solid 5 months with a guy, you continue to learn new things.

     First example.  When Torey was a young boy, growing up in Southern California, his flag football coach was actor Robert Conrad.  Remember him? “Knock this battery off my shoulder…I dare ya!”  The star of the “Wild Wild West” led Lovullos’ team to the California state championship.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, Toreys’ father Sam, was the executive producer for the TV show “HeeHaw”.  He knew some celebrities, growing up.  I know I’ve told you the story of a young Lovullo (5 or 6 years old) playing basketball with Elvis Presley at the “Kings'” Palm Springs  estate.  The alumni list from his high school, Montclair College Prep in Van Nuys, California is a veritable “who’s who” from the entertainment world.

     The school has educated the likes of Cher, Eve Plumb (Jan from the Brady Bunch), Danny Bonaduce (Danny Partridge),  Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra Jr., and Nicole Richie.  Torey told me that the late Barry Whites’ children attended Montclair while he was there.  (They did not walk around the school in silk bathrobes, talking in a low voice).  And sadly, contrary to urban legend (that I started) Torey did not take Jan Brady to the Senior Prom.  “Oh my goodness”  he laughed.  “No I didn’t.  She was a little too old for me.   She was about 6 or 7 years ahead of me at Montclair.  It’s a great school and we are proud of the names that have come out of there.  I know you know the names.  It’s a pretty impressive list of alumni that have come out of that school.”  There may be some more famous grads from Montclair, but there are no better people than my man Salvatore Anthony Lovullo.


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