This road trip has been eye-opening for the PawSox.  One of the worst road teams in the I.L. all year, the boys are 7-2 heading into Sundays’ finale with Rochester.  The Red Wings are the worst team in the league, by anyones’ standards, but the team in Buffalo that the PawSox beat 4 out of 6 times is in playoff contention, still fighting for a wild card berth.  Torey Lovullo remains proud of his club.  “They say winning cures a lot.  You come out here and play good, loose baseball.  It’s a great atmosphere.  This team, though, from a personality standpoint hasn’t changed all year long.  It’s been a great year for me to manage this group of guys, and it’s nice to see it finally pay off for them.”

     Lovullo was happy to put a damper on his former clubs’ playoff run.  He is a Buffalo Bison Hall of Famer.  “We took 4 out of 6 games there and I was very proud of that.  Believe me.  We had a conversation prior to that series and we decided that there was no way we were going to lie down and fold up and let these guys walk through us.  We have held ourselves to a high standard and it’s been contagious.  No matter where you play on the road, it’s tough.  I don’t care if Rochester is the worst team in the league or not, we’ve played good baseball.”

     Not surprisingly, Torey didn’t offer much when the topic of September callups arose.  “A couple of internal conversations, but at this point, nothing has been determined.  These guys are playing hard, they’re playing for a reason, they’re playing for a purpose.  We’ve outlined those things in the past.  I like what I’m seeing.  We have a number of candidates.  I’ve topld these guys, that 1-24, we all have an opportunity and that’s how I’m looking at it.”  I love Torey Lovullo and as you know, I love the Red Sox.  Please don’t try to make me believe that those decisions haven’t already been made.


     As you know by now, Daniel Nava is one of the greatest success stories, ever.  The 4’9, 70 pound kid has blossomed into a Major League outfielder with the Red Sox.  Nava hasn’t forgotten his roots, so to speak.  he was kind enough to join me on “PawSox Insider” from St. Petersburg, Florida, where the Sox were preparing for Saturdays’ A.L. East showdown with the Rays. Nava says the Red Sox remain undaunted by the rash of injuries that has plagued the team in 2010.  “We don’t care who’s out on the field.  The attitude is ‘let’s just go out and win’.  I’m glad that I’ve done well, but we all try to put our personal numbers aside because we want to win.  We are all focused on going to the playoffs.”

     For you romantic types, here’s an Erin Andrews update.  According to Nava, himself, the two still have not met.  You may recall that months ago, I was the first to tell you that Nava left a ticket for the attractive ESPN reporter at every road game, kind of as a lark.  Google “Daniel Nava/Erin Andrews” now and you’ll be stunned at how many stories there are about the topic.  The tentacles of “Hydes’ Inside Pitch” spread far and wide.


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