As you might know, Torey Lovullo’s father, Sam was the executive producer of the TV classic, “Hee Haw”.  Each week, from the cornfield, they’d sing “Gloom, Despair and Agony on me…”  There’s a line in the song that goes “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all…”  That has to be how the Red Sox are feeling right about now.  Three days in a row, major players in their lineup have suffered injuries.  Dustin Pedroia is out indfeinitely with a fractured foot.  Clay Buchholz hyperextended his knee the next day, and on Sunday, Victor Martinez broke his thumb.  As I write this, no word yet as to the severity of Martinez’ injury.  He was hopeful that he wouldn’t have to be DL’ed.  If he is, that is some crummy timing from the perspective of both Dusty Brown and Mark Wagner.

     Wagner has been on the D.L. in Fort Myers after breaking the hamate bone in his left hand.  He was progressing well,  but according to Lovullo, recently suffered a setback with his wrist.  Dusty Brown recently injured a ligament in his thumb and we have yet to be told how serious that is.  Both would provide more than adequate back up to Jason Varitek.  Catcher Gustavo Molina is still with the PawSox.  Boston has a day off Monday, so they have some time to do something.  Molina has caught 19 Big League games.  I am sure he could get the job done.   However, the Sox are not a team that sits idly by while “Rome is Burning”.  In the past, with guys like Kelly Shoppach and George Kottaras in the pipeline, they’ve gone out and acquired experienced veterans like Sandy Martinez and David Ross.

     Molina is a big solid guy who is a good receiver and in his limited playing time, has shown some pop in his bat.  He began the season on the “phantom DL”, not really hurt, but stashed away, just in case.  There have already been several “Cinderella Stories” this season, such as Darnell McDonald and of course, Daniel Nava.  Gustavo Molina would be another beauty.  Although he bears the same name, he is not related to the “first family of backstops”  Jose, Yadier and Bengie. Known to his teammates as  “Moli”, he is a presence and a very affable guy.  Currently, he is still with the PawSox as they wrap up an 8 game road trip in Syracuse.

     The Red Sox will have a decision to make and as always, there will be a PawSox player ready to answer the bell.   


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