PawSox catcher Mark Wagner has disappeared from the radar screen.  The highly regarded prospect is in Fort Myers on the mend, after breaking a bone in his hand earlier this season.  Out of sight, definitely not out of mind.  I got to wondering how the 25 year old Californian was feeling, and what he’s been doing on his rehabilitation stint in Southwest Florida.  Wagner, who jokingly likes to speak in the third person, was his usual upbeat self.  “Wags is hanging in there.” he said “Everything is going real well down here.”

     Extended Spring training is notorious for being long and boring.  After you complete your workout for the day, you’ve got 19 or 20 hours to kill.  It makes for tedious time.  Wagner takes it all in stride.  “I’m just trtying to stay sane down here.” he joked.  “I’m getting a lot of good work done down here, despite having to wait for my hand to heal.”  Wagner was hitting .226 with 2 homers and 8 rbi, when he went down after just 16 games.  He had been starting 4-5 games a week before the injury.  Since then, Dusty Brown has taken over every day catching duties

     Wagner says he is making strides on a daily basis. “My grip strength is starting to come back, and once it does..it’s GAME ON!”  Despite his enthusiasm, the Red Sox management will keep a close eye on his progress, making sure he doesn’t do anything to hamper his recovery.  “I hope I’ll be back, seeing you guys really soon!”  Wagner is not only a very good player, but a strong presence in the clubhouse.  Hopefully, he will be back soon.


     I’m sure Rick Medeiros has detailed our trip to “Doumar’s” in geat detail on his blog, “Rollin’ with Rick”.  “Doumar’s” is a hole in the wall diner, that boasts the worlds’ first ice cream cone making machine.  It is still in operation, invented by the current owners’ father about a hundred years ago.  Abe Doumar was a Syrian immigrant that came up with the idea for the cone.  His son, Al, in his late eighties, still works every day.  “Doumars” was featured a couple of years ago on the Food Networks’ “Diners Drive-ins and Dives.”  There’s a gigantic autographed poster of Guy Fieri, the host of the show, hanging on the wall.  It is a trip back in time, one I thoroughly enjoyed.  If you’re in the Norfolk area, give it a try. I heartily recommend the Lime Freeze. 


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