Today marks the 29th anniversary of the longest game in baseball history.  An epic, 33 inning battle between the PawSox and (coincidentally) todays’ opponent, the Rochester Red Wings.  Somewhat ironic that last night, the Mets prevailed 2-1 over St. Louis in 20 innings at Busch Stadium.  Yesterdays marathon started the same time as the Pawtucket/Red Wings game.  Our game lasted 3 hours and 9 minutes.  Their game went an additional 3 hours and 44 minutes. An amazing 6 hours and 53 minutes.  That’s long, but it pales in comparison to the McCoy Stadium Classic.  The first part of the game was finally halted at 4:07 a.m. on April 19th (Easter Sunday) as league president Harold Cooper was finally reached for a verdict.  The 19 fans that remained in the stands were given season passes to McCoy.  When the game resumed on June 23, it took just one inning to complete, 18 more minutes.


          Mike Maroth might be a familiar name to Red Sox fans.  He was originally drafted by Boston in 1998 and traded to Detroit in 1999 for pitcher Bryce Florie.  Maroth, Rochesters’ starting pitcher on Sunday against the PawSox , is probably best remembered for losing 20 games for the Tigers in 2003.  The former University of Central Florida standout was Bostons’ third rounder in ’98 and pitched for the GCL team and Lowell.  Lifetime, he is 50-67 as a Major Leaguer.  His 9-21 mark in ’03 really doesn’t help the career stats.  Since 2006, the 32 year old Orlando, Florida native has had three surgeries.  In 2006, he had an arthroscopic procedure to remove bone chips from his elbow.  He underwent shoulder surgery in 2008 then missed all of 2009 after he sustained a knee injury on the second day of Spring Training.  He had the ligament repair operation in April of last year.  


     One place where Rochester has an advantage over Pawtucket, and in fact, the whole league, is Fred Costello.  Costello just celebrated his thirty-third opening day with the Red Wings as the stadium organist.  Fred recently penned a book- “A lifetime of nightclubs and ballparks.”  It details his years of playing in bands in spots like Las Vegas, as well as his time at the yard.



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