Former Michigan State football coach Duffy Daugherty coined the phrase. “A tie is like kissing your sister.”  I actually knew his sister, Jean Daugherty.  A lovely woman known as “The Play Lady”.  She was from Syracuse and worked on local TV for years.  Anyway, now that you know the origin of the phrase, I will tell you that it’s true.  Baseball games do not end in a tie.  Ever.  Unless you’re at Spring Training and you have run out of pitchers.  That’s exactly what happened in Fort Myers on Tuesday.  The PawSox and Rochester Red Wings played to a scoreless tie.  On the bright side, Felix Doubront, Dustin Richardson and Bryson Cox combined to shut down the Triple A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.  The bad news was that the PawSox, as they currently exist, couldn’t muster even a single run.  It looked as though the PawSox had scored in the seventh as Yamaico Navarro scored from second base on a single by Luis Exposito.  Navarro slid home safely, only to be ruled out on an appeal to third base.  The umpire ruled that Navarro failed to touch the bag when rounding third.  Inning over.  Still scoreless.

     The big club was playing across town on Tuesday night, facing the Twins at Lee County.  Some of the buzz here at the Fort is the new contract signed by superstar catcher Joe Mauer of Minnesota.  His contract is worth a reported 184 million dollars over the life of the deal.  That has tongues wagging, especially since Victor Martinez, not really in Mauers’ stratosphere is up for a new deal.  Martinez is probably the second or third best catcher in the American League, but again, no Mauer.  “V-Mart” has maintained that the cotract is in the hands of the Red Sox.

     The Red Sox have sent four players to the minors today.  Four men who should be a big part of the PawSox in 2010.  First baseman Aaron Bates, and pitchers Michael Bowden, Ramon A. Ramirez and Jorge Sosa have all been optioned down.  Bowden will anchor the PawSox staff.  His ERA of 3.13 was among the best in the I.L. in 2010.  Bubba Bell assured me today that the team of 2009 that finished 21 games under .500 is but a faint and distant memory. “We are going to be a lot of fun to watch”. said Bubba.  “We’ve got a lot of great guys.  It should be a good team on and off the field.”  While we can guess the makeup of the team, we won’t know the final roster for another week or so.

     As I mentioned, the Sox faced the Twins Tuesday night.  Dustin Pedroia left the game after injuring his wrist while diving for a ball.  The 2008 AL MVP was going after a ball hit by Denard Span.  Initially, the belief is that it is a sprain, but he will get x-rays on Wednesday.



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