Is it just me, or has it been inordinately quiet down in Fort Myers?  They’re a few weeks into Spring Training and there have been no controversies, holdouts or dissension.  How can that be?  Probably the biggest news from Florida came the other day when we learned that Ryan Westmoreland was to undergo brain surgery in Arizona.  That is enormous news.  Other than that, dullsville!!  You can go virtually man for man down the Boston roster and they’ve been writing the same stuff over and over about these guys.

Dustin Pedroia-  Chip on his shoulder.  Wants to prove everyone wrong.

Kevin Youkilis- Works hard.  Is intense.

David Ortiz-  Will it be the Big Papi of old, or an old Big Papi?

Mike Lowell- Publicly, no bad feelings. Consumate professional

Marco Scutaro- Should be a good shortstop until Jose Iglesias is ready

Adrian Beltre- Don’t be surprised if he hits a lot of home runs at Fenway.

Jacoby Ellsbury-  He’ll adjust to left field

Mike Cameron-  He’s old but he’ll be fine in center.

J.D. Drew-  Can he stay healthy?

Victor Martinez- Is he durable enough to catch every day?

Jason Varitek- Can he handle backup role?  Any gas left in the tank?

Josh Beckett-  Contract.

Jon Lester- Ace in waiting.

John Lackey-   Pitching in Red Sox Nation

Tim Wakefield-  He’s old and still ticking.

Jed Lowrie- Health.

On and on it goes.  The one guy I don’t read about ever, is Matsuzaka.  I, for one, am extremely tired of his ailments, and the constant “mystery” that shrouds Dice-K.  It’s been a really long winter and we are getting closer to Opening Day.  I am going to Florida and my reports from the “Fort” will begin this weekend.  As usual, I’ll give you the latest and hopefully the greatest on the PawSox and the rest of the “Nation.” 


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