Now that football is over (Who  Dat?) we hit a little sports lull before Spring Training begins.  Sure we can keep tabs on our favorite college basketball team (Go Orange!) but there is little else to keep a New England sports fan interested.  The Celtics have become a joke, unable to hold on to double digit leads and the Bruins are staggering after their ten game losing streak.  The equipment trucks leave Fenway on Friday for Fort Myers and pretty soon we’ll be hanging on every report from the Fort.  (By the way, my Spring Training reports from Florida will begin appearing on this blog March 20).  There is no doubt that we love baseball and if you’re reading this, you’re probably just as much of a fanatic as I am.  Valentines Day is Sunday, so I came up with some players that could be a part of my “All Valentines Day” squad.

     There are a few choices for manager.  First, the most obvious, Bobby Valentine.  He is a little goofy, but he pulled off one of my favorite baseball pranks.  After being ejected from a game he returned to the dugout wearing a fake moustache.  He got caught.  Miller Huggins the former skipper of the Yankees.  He does have the word “Hug” in his name.  Also, Hall of Famer, Red Schoendienst.  The color is a natural for the occasion.

     Baseball and Valentines Day seem to be a natural fit.  If you’re really in love, what do you give your girl?  A diamond, of course.  There is no baseball without a diamond.  The perfect guy to sing for you? Neil Diamond, who else?  If your relationship is relatively new, perhaps some Candy Maldonado would be appropriate.  Ben Flowers is always nice, too.  Think of what a great impression you’d make with a dozen Reds’ Pete Roses!  They’d be welcome anywhere (except Cooperstown).  If you are a little more serious about your significant other,  Maybe a Royce Ring for her finger.

     What if you’re not sure if you have a relationship or not?  It could be in the beginning stages.  Nothing wrong with a nice Ed Hug.  Make it as brief as his Major League career, though. (1 at bat in 1903)  You don’t want to send the wrong signal.  You might just be experiencing Slim Love.  He was a 6’7 195 pounder who was a Big Leaguer about a hundred years ago.

     Need advice from the front office?  Call on former M.L. lefty, Vance Lovelace, now a member of the Dodgers organization.  You could always watch a movie with him.  Another natural would be Louisville Bats manager, Rick Sweet.  “Sweetie” has got to be a Valentines day expert.  Of course, there are guys like Ellis Valentine, Jim Ray Hart and Corey Hart who will all celebrate as well.  It is their day, after all.

     Don’t forget the power of music.  If Neil Diamond isn’t your thing, what woman could resist Dean Martin crooning one of his greatest hits- “That’s Amaury Telemaco”. 

     No matter how you celebrate (if you do at all) remember the “Greatest Love of All”.  The Joy of Sox!   If I left out anybody, please feel free to add it to the list.  Happy Valentines Day!!  



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