Ever since Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) bellowed for Talia Shire (Paulies’ sister) after his first fight with Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed), every time I hear the name “Adrian” I want to shout it out like he did in the movie.  That became a problem for a while in the nineties when I broadcast Syracuse Univesity basketball and one of their guards was a talented fellow named Adrian Autry.   Anyhow, I have a feeling I’ll get over this thing pretty soon.  All offseason, we’ve been dreaming of Adrian Gonzalez and his prodigious production coming east to Fenway.  Would the cost be prohibitive?  Must have been, because the Sox went out and signed Adrian “Lite”.  Adrian Beltre is in the fold and will apparently play third base for Boston in 2010.  Beltre has a couple of Gold Gloves at third and once was the runner up for National League MVP.  In 2004, with the Dodgers, Beltre hit .334 with 48 homers and 121 rbi.  Never came close to those kinds of numbers again in the next 5 years with Seattle.  Boston will pay Beltre a reported 9 million for his services in ’10.  They are also on the hook for 12 million to Mike Lowell.  You remember him, don’t ya?  MVP of the 2007 World Series.  Thats a ton of dough allocated to one position for a couple of guys well past their prime.  Oddly enough, the 21 million set aside for the “hot corner” barely comes close to the 28 million Alex Rodriguez will make this season in the Bronx.  Beltre and Lowell have had fine careers.  Grudgingly, I admit, A-Rod is good.  I hate him, but he is good.  Saw his empty-headed girlfriend on David Letterman just before the holidays.  Kate Hudson has one interesting thing to talk about, her relationship with Rodriguez, and she clams up.  Letterman tried to get something, anything out of her.  Absolutely nothing!  Archie Bunker used to refer to his son in-law, Mike as a “meathead, dead from the neck up.”  That’s all I could think of as Hudson giggled and made faces on the Late Show.   Maybe she and Rodriguez deserve each other, though.  Vanity has to come into play when you have paintings of yourself commissioned.  Especially when you have the artist portray you as a Greek centaur.  Word is, that is what adorns the wall of Rodriguez’ bedroom.  I remember the half man/half horse creature from the old Hercules cartoons I watched as a boy.  Boy! do you have to have a high opinion of yourself to do something like that.  I do find it somewhat apropo that he used the hind end of a horse in the paintings.  That fits.  I suppose when you make 28 mill a year, you can splurge.  Just a hunch, but I’d be willing to bet that neither Lowell or Beltre have such artwork hanging in their boudoir.  Come to think of it, I do have an empty wall in my bedroom.  I wonder how it’d look if I…………Nah!!!


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