‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through McCoy,

Not a creature was stirring, not a girl or a boy.

The tarp was rolled out, the field covered with snow,

It felt like it had to be 20 below.

I sat in my seat, bundled up ‘gainst the cold,

All alone in the stands, my story unfolds.

I closed my eyes tight and thought pleasant things

Suddenly it was summer, The PawSox taking their swings.

The stadium packed with ten thousand fans,

Screaming and cheering and clapping their hands.

I looked down to Bens’ box and saw him holding court,

An amazing guy, that mixed business with sports.

Back in the stands there was Mike and there’s Lou,

McCoy runs like a top, with baseballs’ best crew.

Down on the diamond, things weren’t going well

The PawSox were trailing, they just didn’t gel.

It got to the ninth, good guys down 4-1,

No matter how hard they played, just one single run.

Down to the last out, the bases were clear,

The fans going  home sad, ’twas my biggest fear.

Down in the count no balls and two strikes, 

Bell hit a slow roller, he flew in his spikes.

He beat out the throw, legs churning real fast,

Way to go Bubba, making the game last.

Then came Aaron Bates, 4 pitches, a walk,

He jogged up the line, kicking up chalk.

Jeff Natale was next, he doesn’t care who he faces,

A liner up the middle, The PawSox loaded the bases.

Still down by three, two outs and the bases juiced,

Mark Wagner came up, could he produce?

The count was full, the runners were going,

Out to left field, a stiff wind was blowing.

The pitch came in and Wagner swung hard,

The ball started flying, was it in the cards?

As I sat at the mike, it disappeared in the crowd,

The fans went crazy, McCoy got real loud.

I screamed from my seat, ” Way to go Wags”

Touch ’em all, touch ’em all, touch all the bags.

It was just like Christmas, a great final score,

The PawSox won it, they won 5-4.

Just as quickly, it was over, I opened my eyes,

I have to admit, it was a surprise.

It was cold again, with plenty of snow,

All by my self, in the seventeenth row.

I smiled and I thought, “Four months ’til opening day”

A packed house for real, the PawSox will play.

I walked down to my car, it must have been quite a sight,

A PawSox Christmas to all, and to all a good night. 



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