This will be a little uncomfortable for the Red Sox and Mike Lowell.  The trade between Boston and Texas was nullified after doctors discovered thumb problems with the 35 year old third baseman that will require surgery some time after Christmas.  Lowell would take 6-8 weeks to recover and should be ready for Spring Training.  No doubt, his teammates will be happy.  They love Mike Lowell.  It does set up a weird dynamic in the clubhouse.  You know you were gone, Your team no longer values your services.  You still make 12 million bucks to play ball, but you’re going to be giving Theo and his gang the “fish eye”.  Lowell is known to be the consumate professional, but in the end, this could actually help.  “You think I’m done?  I’ll show you who’s washed up.”  That could be the mindset for Mike Lowell.  I just hope Max Ramirez doesn’t blossom into a Johnny Bench with another team.  This is nothing new for Boston.  Last year they dealt with the Jason Varitek situation. His reduced role in 2010 could also be a factor, although it’s not likely.  In the old days, trades were much less complex.  But with the money these guys make, you can leave no stone unturned.  For Lowell, it has to be like getting a last second reprieve from the governor.  He, for now, does not have to head to Texas, he can stay in a town that has embraced him with a team he has helped greatly since his arrival.  If he does come through the operation healthy, how far off could another deal be?  Such is the life of a pro athlete.  I am very interested to see how this impacts any further moves this winter.  Never a dull moment in Red Sox Nation.


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