Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but…First off, the Winter Meetings have come and gone and they proved to be a great cure for my insomnia.  Looks like the only ones who made out OK were the waiters at St. Elmo’s Steak House in Indy, the sight of this years’ gathering.  You’re telling me that trading Mike Lowell to Texas for Max Ramirez is the best thing you could do?  Clearly, addition by subtraction.  The fact that they’d be willing to assume 8 or so million dollars of the contract blows my mind.  We have all held Theo Epstein in such high esteem because of the two World Series wins.  He’s deserved it, but how many guys can go to their boss and say, “Oops, ya know I think I made another nine million dollar error.”  Lugo, Drew, now Lowell.  A couple of rings buy a ton of good will these days.  Jason Bay can pack his bags as far as I’m concerned.  If he turned down a 4 year deal worth a reported 60 million dollars, too bad.  See you at CitiField or where ever you land.  Apparently Bay forgot what it was like playing for the dregs like the Pirates for all those years.  At some point, you have to make a stand.  Who is worth this kind of money?  ABSOLUTELY no one.  Not the brightest doctor, researcher or teacher in the world.  And cetainly not a leftfielder with some power who is limited defensively.  So what if the Red Sox finish behind New York, Tampa, Toronto and Baltimore?  As Dan Shaughnessey recently intimated in the Boston Globe,  the Sox might be content to rest on their laurels for a while, as long as dilapidated old Fenway keeps selling out.  From what we’ve seen the last couple of offseasons, this may be a trend.  Live off the reputation you’ve built as a franchise that develops its’ own guys.  Honestly, the Sox have blown a load of dough and maybe the bosses have finally put the brakes on Theo and his spending.  Who knows?  My pre-holiday rancor is not strictly directed towards the Sox and baseball.  Not by any means.  Tiger Woods.  Shame on you.  Now I’m a guy and I love “guy stuff” but this guy really had some nerve.  Arguably one of the most recognizable people in the world and he had the affrontery to think he’d be able to pull this off?  Talk about being buried in a sand trap.  I laugh as I read reports saying the media is tearing down the hero they built.  Honestly, Woods has never been a likeable figure.  My fascination with him lies strictly with what he accomplishes on the golf course.  The sheer domination.  The hunt for Jack Nicklaus’ records.  Those are the draws.  Let’s face it.  If all his sponsors left him today and he had to give all  his billion dollar plus empire to wife Elin, he’d be just fine, thank you.  At age 33, he still has some good golf lerft in him.  He’d get that bank roll back up again in no time.  There should be some penalty for his behavior.  Please, don’t let me hear anyone say- “Poor Tiger.”  Pardon the pun, but he made his own bed and now he has to lie in it.  One last target for today.  If the Patriots were flying high, would the genius Belichick have made a big deal of Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas and company being late for a meeting, due to the snow the other day?  Thomas did elicit a smile from me when he made a comment about being stuck in traffic, saying that this wasn’t “The Jetsons” where you could just fly over things.  Years ago, ESPN’s Tom Jackson made a comment that drew national attention, saying that Belichick had “lost” his team.  As the sputtering Patriots prepare for Carolina, it appears that Jacksons’ comments were correct, juts 6 or 7 years too early.  You know your team is going bad when the mascot gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Pat Patriot, you should have known better.  Now that I’ve spread my holiday cheer, I’m heading to Who-ville.  See ya there.    


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