After finishing the 2008 season 85-58 and earning a playoff spot, it looked like the PawSox would be primed for a repeat performance in 2009.  It was not meant to be.  The team will finish somewhere around 20 games under .500 for the year.  There have been some highlights both on and off the field, however.  I thought it might be fun to remember before we turn the page on the season.



1. Clay Buchholz’ near perfect game in Louisville.  Buch went 8 and a third before surrendering a hit to Danny Richar.  He faced just 28 batters.  It was a defining moment for a guy who has already pitched a no-hitter in the Major Leagues. A memorable Memorial Day.

2.  Daniel Bard strikes out the side on 9 pitches.  Before being promoted to Boston in May, Bard was impeccable as the PawSox closer.  9 pitches!! You try it.



1.  The collapse of 2009.  Pitching carried the PawSox until their epic slide began in Scranton around the fourth of July.  No hitting + no pitching = no wins. 

2.  Fans keep coming.  I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me, but despite the tough economy and the poor on-field performance, McCoy packed ’em in.  The PawSox will again draw over 600,000 fans.  Give yourselves a standing ovation.



1.  Bowling with Mark Kotsay.  The Big Leaguer footed the bill for the entire team (including yours truly) on a bowling outing in Louisville.  It was a great night and a tremendous amount of fun, cutting loose away from the ballpark.  Kotsay is a class individual. 

2.  Niagara Falls with my daughter, Carly.  Took advantage of a day game in Buffalo and took the short ride to the Falls.  Breathtaking.  Ran into Jeff Natale, Sean Danielson, Mark Wagner, Junichi Tazawa and trainer Masa Kubota.  Classic father/daughter day.  Capped it off with an Italian feast at Chef’s in Buffalo.



If you listen to our broadcasts, you know food is IMPORTANT to us.  Here are my favorite meals of 2009.

1.  “The Beirut”  in Toldeo.  Being of Lebanese heritage, I have a discriminating palate. Had Kibbee, Tabouli and Hummus.  Not as good as Lucille’s, but unbelievable for a meal on the road.

2.  “The Dinosaur Barbecue” in Syracuse and Rochester.  One night Dan and I had what we agreed were the best ribs we had ever eaten.  The Dinosaur never disappoints.

3.  “The Change of Pace”  in Syracuse.  Best chicken wings, EVER.  Owner Steve Grilli (losing pitcher in the longest game in baseball history) has the recipe, and the PawSox fans who made the trip to Cooperstown all agree.

4. “Broad Street Grill and Deli” in Allentown.  The best sandwich in the International League, bar none.  Philly Cheese Steak (made with chicken)  melted blue cheese, onions and pickles.  Delicious!

5.  “Chef’s” in Buffalo.  We were treated to Easter dinner there by owner Ben Mondor. (Glad to say it was my idea).  Went back with Carly.  Spaghetti Parmesan is the specialty of the house.

6. “Packo’s” in Toledo.  Always go there in honor of Jamie Farr, Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H* fame.  The Hungarian hot dogs are really very good.  The pickles are delightful, as well.

7.  “Daddios” in Buffalo.  Owner Jimmy rolls out the red carpet.  Pizza, wings and great atmosphere makes this place a new favorite.

Honorable mention- Anchor Bar in Buffalo and the Italian place up the street from our hotel in Bethlehem, Pa. (don’t remember the name)



1.  Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio.  They built a new park and they got it right.  In the “Arena District”, we broadcast from outside.  Plenty of amenities around make it a good trip.  Nice hotel and the fact that my kids live there, make it my favorite stop.

2.  Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio.  The staff is extremely helpful.  Excellent park and it’s always a blast hanging out with the “dean” of I.L. broadcasters, Jim Webber.  



1.  Interviewing Peter Gammons.  The ESPN baseball expert and Hall of Fame honoree was gracious with his time.  He told me that he enjoyed listening to me.  How about that!


2.  At Bat With Nat.  Infielder Jeff Natale batted .1000 with his weekly pre-game interviews with teammates.  I always got a good laugh..every time.



1.  Robert Coello

2.  Brad Wilkerson

3.  Joey Gathright

4.  Chris Duncan




1. Mark Kotsay

2.  Paul Byrd

3.  Rocco Baldelli


I guess I could go on and on.  It has been a blast getting to know “new” guys like Billy Traber and being with old friends like Jeff Bailey.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the development of men like Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden.  It’s great when former PawSox players like Kevin Youkilis come back for a rehab assignment and they’re still as good guys as they were on the way up.  Regardless of where the pieces to the 2009 puzzle wind up, I’m pretty sure we’ll cross paths, again.  I hadn’t seen shortstop Chris Woodward in about 10 years, since we were together in Syracuse in 1999.  Same for Indianapolis catcher Adam Melhuse.  When you spend a season(s) with these guys, you form a bond that isn’t easily broken.  85-58 or 58-85, this is a great job!



  1. pawsoxfan

    Some of my favorite memories of 2009:
    1. Coming back with a big rally in the bottom of the 9th in the spring, and winning the game in the 11th or 12th. It doesn’t get any better than that.
    2. Bard’s pitching. Every time. Wow.
    3. Chris Carter’s many excellent at-bats. And the moment no one saw when he was signing a kid’s ball, reached into the bucket, grabbed a Twizzler, signed that, too, and ran off to warm up while giggling like an impish 12-year-old.
    4. Futures at Fenway (everything but the final score).
    5. Yoooouk doing the Youky-Youk batting dance at the plate at McCoy.
    6. Freddy Guzman stealing all those bases. Dang, that man can run… and hit.
    7. Paul McAnulty finding a way to generate some excitement just before being traded.
    8. Spike and Nat being their patient, congenial selves night after night and signing everything the fans offered up before games.
    9. RJ being RJ. There had to be times when he was thinking, “What the h%&# is going on with these guys, and why can’t we score one more … run,” but he looked at the fans and smiled (or grimaced) anyway.
    10. Jeff Bailey– who deserves to be playing SOMEWHERE in the majors every day.
    11. Angel’s many fabulous plays at third. Why haven’t the Red Sox called this man up???
    12. Fernando Cabrera. 23 for 23. Nobody in the IL was better than that this year. ‘Nuff said.
    13. The giveaways. Wow, PawSox marketing department, you really did us proud in the swag department this year.
    Things I won’t miss:
    1. The hitting coach.
    2. The wrong Duncan.
    3. The revolving door at short.
    4. All of those one-run losses.
    5. Woodward at the plate.
    6. Throngs of pre-adolescent boys screaming “Ball!” and body-checking season ticket holders between innings.
    7. Inattentive parents.
    8. Mid- and late-season trades that made us realize that Theo had given up on the season and favored player development above winning.
    9. Using that ridiculous t-shirt gun for the soft-toss every night. Sends the wrong message to kids, methinks.
    10. CVS lucky row of the game almost always being red and almost close to the main walkway. C’mon, CVS marketing guy, can’t you mix it up a little? Throw the GA people and green sections an occasional crumb…
    11. Theo trading Carter. A very, very, very stupid move, Theo. Almost as ridiculous as getting the wrong Duncan for Lugo…
    Good luck during the off-season, guys… we’ll see some of you again next year. And thanks to all of the excellent people working at McCoy who make PawSox games so enjoyable.

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