Manager Ron Johnson is held in high regard in the Boston Red Sox organization.  Not only is he entrusted with the teams young stars of the future, but he will get a front row seat for the Red Sox playoff push again.  Terry Francona has announced that RJ will earn a September “callup” regardless of whether any of his players do or not.  Tito has made it an annual “rite of fall” promoting RJ as a reward for his hard work during the year.  Johnson will be the only minor league staffer to get the “call.”  Theoretically, it’s another set of eyes and ears to help outsmart the Yankees, Rays, etc.  Allthough he is reluctant to talk about it, it pleases RJ that he has earned the respect of Francona and Theo Epstein.  “It’s such an honor.  It really is.  The biggest thing, is Tito asking me to go.  I know that the Red Sox could succeed and go on without me.  They’d do well with or without me.  I’m glad the people up there like me enough.  It’s exciting for me.  It really is cool.”  RJ says he has absolutely no problem going from being the “chief” to one of the “indians.” “I’m always made to feel like I’m part of the staff, an extension of the Major League staff.”  He may be asked for advice or other information, but more than likely, RJ will help out before games.  “Oh heck, I’ll throw batting practice, hit ground balls, whatever’s needed.”  While it’s obvious that Tito respects Johnson, believe me,  it’s more than mutual.  “Tito is so good at what he does.  He is so aware of everything surrounding him, from the biggest superstar, to the littlest guy.  He has time for everything and he really gets it.”  RJ says his experience on the Boston bench the last few Septembers has been invaluable and could be a big help if he ultimately reaches his goal of managing in the big leagues, himself.  “I know the situation and I learn a lot from Tito.  It’s valuable to my development if I ever get to the Major Leagues,  I’ll look back on these experiences.”  RJ is very proud of the players he has helped to develop and is especially proud of the two pieces of jewelry he acquired in 2004 and 2007.  Holding both hands in the air, as if praising the Lord, RJ added a final thought- “Thanks to the Red Sox I have two extremely, extremely large, large, rings that I love to wear,”   




Not that I needed another reason to hate the Yankees, but I have another one.  They blocked the Red Sox deal with the Mets, claiming Chris Carter from the waiver wire.  The move costs in several ways.  Carter, who would have probably played all month for the Mets, loses a valuable shot at Major League action.  Monetarily, it cost Carter roughly, $65,000 in salary and another few thousand in meal money.  It also costs the Red Sox a 40 man roster spot.  Their flexibility is compromised.  By my count, it’s the 7 millionth reason I hate them


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