Lefty Billy Traber has cleared waivers and has returned to the PawSox.  The 29 year old was summoned by the parent club and appeared in one of the 4 losses suffered over the weekend in the Bronx.  When he was promoted the PawSox were home in R.I. and manager Ron Johnson spent a couple of hours in the middle of the night trying to hunt down Traber.  “The one thing you should do when you’re hoping to get the call to the big leagues is keep your phone “on” and within earshot.  I failed at that.  There were a sizeable number of phone calls and messages.  After about 2 hours, he reached me.   He congratulated me, but he wasn’t the happiest.  RJ was not in the greatest of moods, and I don’t blame him.”  Although Traber had already appeared in 95 Major League games, he was excited, nonetheless.  “It was great.  I told Tito (Terry Francona) and John (pitching coach John Farrell) thank you up and down!  Obviously, you want to pitch well.  I didn’t expect the call- we have a wealth of arms down here.  Even if it was just for 2 days, it was great.  It didn’t go down like I’d hoped, but I was there.  I had a great time.”  After toiling in anonymity, Traber relished being thrust back into the spotlight- right into the middle of a Yankees Red Sox series.  “You have to enjoy it.  It’s ok to be nervous or excited, but you have to enjoy it.  This one was awesome.  I don’t care if I was facing the Yankees…they’re ALL Major League teams.  You have to revel in it.  It may be the last time you ever get the call.  It was tons of fun.  I went out there and did my best.  If you don’t enjoy it, you’re doing yourself a disservice.”  Pitching coach John Farrell was with the Cleveland organization when Traber first came up.  He says Farrell is one of the big reasons he joined the Boston organization. “That was the deciding factor.  As a minor league free agent, you look for the best deal or the best situation.  John’s always been honest with me.  He’s seen me grow from a kid to the man I am now.  After I was done (outing against the Yankees) he hugged me.  It was great. Immediately after his lone appearance, Traber was designated for assignment and eventually returned to the PawSox.  The three day waiting period was the hardest part.  “You hate to have your job taken away from you, even for a short time.  I couldn’t go the park, so I just looked around New York with my girlfriend (Gina).  It’s the business part, you never know what will happen.  It’s as good or as bad as you want it to be.  I’m always going to try to stay positive.  I wash it off and get ready to go wherever I go next.”    


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