Obviously, I want the PawSox to win every night.  However, losing on Thursday didn’t hurt as badly (me, anyway) because the winning pitcher was a good old friend.  David Pauley pitched the Norfolk Tides to a 5-3 win in Pawtucket.  “DP” worked 6 and a third innings, allowing just three runs against his former team.  In 2008 Pauley went 14-4 with a 3.55 ERA for the PawSox.  Unfortunately, he was out of options and was traded to the Orioles for Randor Bierd.   Ironically, Bierd squared off with Pauley in the ballgame Thursday.  David, who had made a couple of starts for Boston got the opportunity to atone for a loss earlier this season at Harbor Park in Norfolk, Va.  David is a new father.  His daughter Emme, is just a little over 2 months old.  His parents, David and Carol, still keep in touch and listen to our internet broadcast when they can.  It is much appreciated especially since I think the Tides radio broadcaster Bob Socci, does such a good job.  For the second night in a row and the third time in the last two homestands, my postgame guest (in this case, Pauley) fell victim to the “Pie in the face” prank while speaking to me.  I’m no instigator (well, maybe I am) but I know who was responsible for Pauley getting “pied”. As the Tides were shaking hands coming off the field Thursday, pitching coach Mike Griffin, not so subtly, told several Norfolk players- “Shaving cream Pauley, Shaving cream Pauley.”  They obliged.  Unlike the night before, when Brandon Pinckney was unable to continue the interview, Pauley wiped off and finished our conversation.  Griffin, who was the Pawtucket for 5 years overall and 4 years during the so-called “Hyder Era” is missed.  Not that Rich Sauveur doesn’t do a good job or isn’t a good guy-  he does and he is, but Griff is just an old friend, like Pauley.  Known for his getting to the ballpark early, RJ would tease him and say it was because he wanted as much free food as possible.  The old saying went- “Crime doesn’t pay, and neither does Griff”.  As I’ve said so many times before, if you don’t have a thick skin, you’re in trouble.  A side bonus, was seeing Griff’s son, Brad.  Brad basically grew up in the PawSox clubhouse.  Constantly playing catch or bouncing a ball off the wall, all while dressed in an oversized uniform.  Brad, about to enter seventh grade, has grown into the uniform and had a great summer playing youth baseball.  Tall and thin, like his dad, he’s an extremely nice and polite young man.  If you get one thing out of this blog this season, it’s relationships.  The friendships and relationships you develop with these people are the most valuable thing you take with you. 




I respect John Smoltz.  His career numbers speak for themselves.  As a Red Sox fan, I implore the Sox to end the Smoltz disaster.  Pull the plug.  Hide him in the bullpen.  Give him the gold watch and send him on his way.  You simply cannot afford to give away a game every five days.  Bob Feller was a great pitcher in his day.  One of the best ever.  But I don’t want to see him on the mound now.  Same for Smoltz.  Here are your parting gifts, thanks for playing.



We had the pleasure of meeting the parents of Bubba Bell.  The Bells stopped up to the radio booth to say hello.  They are visiting from Oklahoma.  Nicest people, ever.


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