It came to my attention that yesterdays’ photos might not have been viewable.  Hopefully, we’ve corrected the issue and you can enjoy the pictures of the PawSox team outing on Tuesday at the Newport Yachting Center.  If you didn’t see yesterdays’ blog- the photos (part 1) are still there.  Thanks again to technical adviser, Eva Hyder.

DSC_0005.JPG “Hydes” with daughters, Eva (Left) and Carly (Center)



Ivan Ochoa and family enjoying the ride on the “Adirondack”



The moon over Newport Harbor



Chris Carter with the Hyder girls



Partyin’ PawSox Style!


DSC_0055.JPGJohn Otness, Billy Traber, Sean Danielson, Jeff Natale, Steve Hyder, Travis Denker, and Rocky Cherry pose for a “team” picture



Kelsey Albair and Drew Bradley take the dance floor


DSC_0049.JPGHead of Security, Rick Medeiros, the Iron Sheik discussing his conservative ideals.


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