On Tuesday, the PawSox enjoyed their annual team outing at the Newport Yachting Center.  After a cruise around the harbor, everyone feasted on steak, swordfish, chicken and all the fixings.  It was a chance to relax and enjoy each other away from the “office”.  Today, Part one of my photo essay, part two comes tomorrow. (When I say “my”, I should really say my daughter, Eva, who provided the technical assistance an old-timer needs.)  ENJOY! 


 Beautiful Newport Harbor from aboard the schooner, “Adirondack”


Your boy, “Hydes” with wife, Sue

Fernando Cabrera and Enrique Gonzalez enjoying the sunset


 Jeff Natale and Jeff Bradley in deep conversation


Fernando Cabrera, Gil Velazquez, and the “Skipper”, Manager, Ron Johnson


Cathy Gwynn, VP of Sales, Mike Gwynn, President of PawSox, Mike Tamburro, Anna Tamburro


Travis Denker gettin’ some love!


Jeff Natale, Head of Security, Rick Medeiros, Website “Genius”, Kevin Galligan and son, Nick


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