We all hoped that when we turned the page on the calendar that August would be better than July.  It would have to be. Right??  The once-mighty PawSox stumbled to a 7-19 mark in July, all but eliminating themselves from postseason contention.  When the Sox were in Scranton the last time, about a month ago, they were in the chase. Only 3 and a half games out of first place when two games were called off because of poor field conditions.  Since then, their fortunes have plummeted.  After being swept in the twin bill on August 1, the Sox are a season-hgh 11 games out of first place.  This is a stark contrast to 2008, when Pawtucket set a franchise record, winning 85 regular season games.  Now 48-57, and losers of 22 of their last 29 games, Pawtucket is playing like the worst team in the league.  On Saturday, both starters, Kris Johnson and Randor Bierd failed to get through the third inning.  Both Johnson (3-12) and Bierd (0-1) worked 2 and 2 thirds innings.  Certainly not a recipe for success.  In their last 5 losses (in 6 games) the PawSox have scored a grand total of 4 runs.  It remains to be seen how the season plays out.  Brian Anderson and Chris Duncan should provide some punch to the most feeble offense in the I.L.  Jeff Bailey is scheduled to rehab his high ankle sprain beginning on Sunday or Monday.  Bailey hasn’t played in a couple of weeks and will more than likely be rusty.  Aaron Bates (.200) Bubba Bell (.160) and Mark Wagner (.219) continue to feel their way through their first stint in Triple A.  Duncan and Gil Velazquez are both hitting below the “Mendoza” line.  Not one PawSox hitter is near his lifetime batting average.  Chris Carter is a career .300 hitter in the minors, and he is leading the club in all three triple crown categories, batting .273, 11, 44.  Bottom line is this-  play for a September callup, play for a trade or a free agent contract during the offseason.  For Gods’ sake, play for pride.  You are being paid good money to play baseball.  In this day and age, with this horrible economy, there are so many of us out of work or under-employed, you are among the chosen few to be playing professional baseball.  If you’re doing your best, so be it.  Thank you.  But good people are paying good money to come and watch you play.  Not slog through nine innings for a paycheck.  I know most of these guys pretty well.  They are, for the most part, great people.  There are about 5 weeks remaining in this season.  Play one game at a time.  Win one game at a time.  Remember the first time you played baseball…for fun, not money.  For recreation, not for a promotion.  It’s been said before.  Baseball is a game.  You throw the ball.  You hit the ball.  You catch the ball.  Here’s to a great final five weeks.  We can do it.




People will pay for just about anything.  Come up with an idea, and the American public will devour it, no matter how stupid.  Some people in Scranton are cashing in on the popularity of the Emmy-winning TV show, “The Office”.  The fictional “Dunder Mifflin” office supply company is located in Scranton on the show and a group of local residents are conducting tours of places that are mentioned on the program.  Coopers ( a fairly good seafood restaurant) is among the spots tourists are plunking down $35 to see.  The Office Fan Tours begin Saturdays at noon at the Mall at Steamtown.  For the 35 bucks, you get transportation and lunch.  I don’t think you’ll run into Steve Carell. 



  1. bettencourt

    the office is my favorite show on tv. but i dont think i would pay that much for a tour of the city.

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