Taking full advantage of the night off on Thursday, (as you know a rarity in the minor leagues) I decided to check out the biggest tourist destination in western New York.  Along with my daughter, Carly, we took the short ride over to Niagara Falls.  We paid the dollar toll each way and the $10 .00 parking fee and after that, it was absolutely free.  We started off by taking an elevator to the top floor of an observation deck.  The clueless girl running the elevator had definitely spent too much time alone, sniffing exhaust fumes.  As we boarded the elevator I asked her if we would have a good view from the top floor.  She smiled the smile of a moron and looked at me and said “You’ll have a good view”.  I asked “Will we see the Falls?” She responded “Oh no.” “What will we see?” I asked. “Niagara Falls” was her answer (still smiling the smile of a moron).  Completely confused, we got off the elevator and proceeded to the window and saw absolutely nothing.  We returned to the elevator and “Moronica” asked “Did you see the Falls?” laughing as she spoke.  A little ticked off I reprimanded her “You think it’s funny?”  We then began the trek to the falls by foot and was it worth it!  Absolutely breathtaking!!  We saw Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.  It’s a lot of water.  What blew my mind was that people have tried to go over the Falls.  INSANE.  It is something that you should definitely see.  I’m not sure I’d make a trip especially for that purpose, but since I was in the neighborhood…Was pleased to run into a few PawSox players doing the same thing.  My main man, Jeff Natale and roommate Sean Danielson took the $2.65 bus ride to take in the splendor. (If I had known, I’d have given them a ride)  As we were leaving, we ran into Mark Wagner, Junichi Tazawa and his translator, Masa.  Although we didn’t take a ride on the “Maid of the Mist”, I could easily picture Jim Carrey in “Bruce Almighty” having his meltdown.  Incidentally, worst souvenirs EVER.  Junk with a capital “J”.  Among the trash- A hair brush for a bald man (A little board with no bristles) Some of the cheesiest T-shirts, photos and trinkets in the entire world.  Maybe if they upgraded the stuff, people might buy something.  Nonetheless, definitely a great time.  The one thing that kept runmning through my mind was the old “Three Stooges” line- “Slowly I turned.  Step by step, inch by inch…NIAGARA FALLS”. (for you Stooge-ophiles from “Gents without Cents”)




Capped the night off with a trip to “Chefs” restaurant.  The same joint that we dined at for Easter (courtesy of Ben Mondor)  Terrific meal  Spaghetti Parmesan, Veal, Eggplant, salad, Italian bread…I’m still full.



Very glad July ends today.  Worst month for the PawSox in a long time.  The boys are 6-19 this month heading into the game on the 31st. 


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