I was a little bit buckled when I saw the Gordon Edes report saying that the Red Sox had offered Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden ad Ryan Westmoreland to the Jays in exchange fir Roy Halladay.  I was bummed when the Sox sent David Murphy to Texas with Kason Gabbard for Eric Gagne.  Same when Brandon Moss was dealt to the Pirates.  Those were for personal reasons.  They (Murf and Moss) are two of the best people I have ever met.  While I really like Buch and Bowdie, and Westmoreland seems to be a good kid, their value as players is, in  my mind, off the charts.  Clay will be a front of the rotation guy for the next decade or so.  Bowden is just 22 and just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential.  Westmoreland is lighting up the NY/Penn League and projects to be a 30/30 man in the Bigs.  Halladay, although very good, is just a rental. signed through 2010, he could be a vital cog in the Red Sox rotation for the next year, plus.  He could very well propel the Sox past the Yankees and any N.L. foe that could stand in the way.  Think of a Beckett, Halladay, Lester rotation in the playoffs.  Seems unstoppable.  But what about Beckett, Lester, Wakefield, Penny?  Nothing to sneeze at.  And if you don’t make the deal, you have Buchholz and somewhere a discontent Daisuke Matsuzaka.  Bowden could help with a spot start or certainly out of the pen.  Thankfully, the Sox and Jays have both denied the rumor.  I tend to think, however, where there’s smoke….I will be glad when the deadline passes.  I just don’t feel good about this one.  I think the days of trading tons of prospects for a star are part of a bygone era in Red Sox Nation.  There is still the possibility of a deal, and it won’t surprise me, but I really hope that Edes is wrong, really wrong on this one.




Junichi Tazawa was awesome in his PawSox debut.  The Japanese righty worked 6 innings, giving up 1 earned run, 3 hits with three strikeouts. Tazawa labored in the first inning, throwing 27 pitches, but needed just 43 pitches for innings 2-6.  He showed exceptional poise and composure for an I.L. rookie.




A late night pilgrimage to the Anchor Bar on Tuesday didn’t disappoint.  My daughter Carly learned a valuable lesson.  Buffalo WIngs and chocolate milk do NOT mix.  Frank and Theresa (the reported inventors of the Buffalo wing) probably didn’t have that combo in mind.




Recently saw the movie “Orphan”.  A creepy thriller.  Didn’t think I’d like it, but I found myself on the edge of my seat the entire flick.  See it and you’ll know why no one will ever name their child “Esther” again.




It’s a strange time in PawSox Nation.  In the last couple of days, Paul McAnulty and Freddy Guzman have been released.  The leaders in home runs and rbi (McAnulty) and the stolen Base leader (Guzman) are gone.  I felt badly for Sean Danielson before, spending all this time on the “phantom” disabled list.  Now that the Guzman experiment is over, with the addition of Brian Anderson to the club, it really seems like “Spike” got short end of the stick. 



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