Apparently the name “Jordan” is quite versatile.  It’s the name of a country.  It’s the name of an American Idol.  It’s the name of the greatest player in basketball history.  It’s the name of an I.L. All Star and it’s the name of a PawSox players’ wife.  In the case of my last two examples, they share the exact same name- Jordan Brown.  First the Columbus outfielder.  He had a single, double and home run in the Clippers’ win at McCoy on Friday.  He was also victimized by a teammate during my on field, postgame interview with him.  As he was about to answer a question about winning pitcher Chuck Lofgren, another Clipper snuck up behind him with a shaving cream “pie” and smashed it in his face, “Three Stooges” style.  Brown was a good sport and graciously accepted a $25 gift certificate to Gregg’s Restaurant.  Meanwhile the “other” Jordan Brown, Dusty’s wife, had the presence of mind to email us as she was heading to the hospital the other day to give birth to the couples’ first child, Jude.  We had been closely monitoring the pregnancy and were thrilled when the newest member of the PawSox family arrived.  I wonder what Brownie thinks when he hears P.A. announcer Jim Martin introduce the opponent that bears his wifes’ name.  I just hope that Dusty doesn’t get confused and kiss the Clippers outfielder and then mistakenly tag his wife out.




Tremendous effort by Michael Bowden on Friday.  He worked 7 innings, scattering 4 hits and surrendering 2 runs, walking none and striking out 5.  Unfortunately, the sleeping Pawtucket offense came up short again and Bowden was tagged with a loss.  Despite a terrific ERA of 3.09, Bowdens’ record fell to 3-5.  The 22 year old righthander has definitely made the most of his first full Triple A season.




As one Red Sox legend is being enshrined in Cooperstown, there’s another who should be.  This weekend Jim Rice takes his rightful place among baseball’s immortals.  Rice waited until his final year of eligibility before being granted admission.  His former teammate, Luis Tiant has been denied entry and there ought to be an investigation.  It first came to my attention earlier this season when I asked Peter Gammons of ESPN, who was the best player not in Cooperstown.  Instead of the “stock” Pete Rose or Shoeless Joe answer, Gammons said El Tiante was the best player that hasn’t been recognized.  When I asked Tiant about the injustice, he wasn’t shy and didn’t give an “aw shucks” type response.  He also didn’t disagree with Gammons- “He might be right.  I don’t like talking much about it.  The more you point fingers at people, the more you’re embarassing someone.  A lot of baseball fans know I’m supposed to be in the Hall of Fame, there’s 15 pitchers in the Hall that I have a better record than- 15, not one or two, 15.  And now you tell me why they are there and I’m not.  Jim Rice- they made him wait 15 years- what’d he do in the last 15 years?  Did he play?  Did he improve his record?  He had the same numbers that he had 15 years ago and now you tell me he belongs in the Hall of Fame.  C’mon, that’s enough of that.  I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I don’t want to lose sleep at night worrying about if they’re going to vote for me or not.  I know I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.  I put myself in my own Hall of Fame.  I hope they don’t wait for me to die to put me in the Hall of Fame, because I’ll come back from the tomb and pull an “Ole”, I’ll tell them they’re going to die tomorrow.  Make them suffer because that’s what they do.  Why would you want to put players in there after they’re dead?  You make aggravation for the families, the player can’t enjoy it.  What good is it?  Like I said, I don’t want to point fingers.  If they put me in, fine.  If they don’t, fine, too. When you put your life in someone elses’ hands, what can you do?  You hope and pray.  I don’t want to go get a machine gun and kill everybody.”  For the record, Tiant amassed a career mark of 229-172 with an ERA of 3.30, with 2416 career strikeouts, 49 shutouts and an amazing 187 complete games.  By my count, there are no fewer than 20 pitchers already in Cooperstown with less than 229 wins.



Great to welcome Chris Duncan to McCoy.  The slugging outfielder singled in a run in his first PawSox at bat.  The brother of Scrantons’ Shelley Duncan was picked up in the trade for Julio Lugo, from St. Louis.  It will be interesting to watch, as the PawSox and Scranton meet 8 more times this season.  If dad Dave Duncan, the former M.L. catcher and currently pitching coach for the Cardinals had directed his sons a different way, they might both be All Pro offensive linemen in the NFL.  Chris looks chiseled at 6’5 and 230 pounds.  Sorry to see Paul McAnulty get released by the Sox.  He lead the team in homers (11) and rbi (48).  A gentleman with that much talent will get another job soon.  We also shared the same automotive fantasy.  To some day own a 1957 Chevy Belair.  Happy driving, Big Mac!      


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