I’m definitely not a bible-thumper, but I do encourage you to read the good book.  “Born to Play” My Life in the Game.  It’s a biography of the reigning American League MVP, Dustin Pedroia.  Pedroia gets the credit, but it’s told to Ted Delaney.  It recounts the life and times of the Red Sox star, his trials and tribulations and his successes as well.  Delaney was struck by the young man and his “bravado”.  Where does the real Pedroia end and the loud Pedroia begin.  We speculate that Pedey has had to compensate for his size since he was a “little guy” (No pun intended).  When he isn’t proving it on the field, he proves it with his mouth.  There is little doubt that Pedroia has endeared himself to Red Sox Nation, but now you can figure out how and why. The book is available at all good bookstores and is published by Simon and Schuster.  Look for a certain PawSox broadcaster prominently featured in one chapter. 




Aaron Bates is back with the PawSox after making his M.L. debut with Boston.  As you’d expect, Bates was thrilled with the experience.  “I had a great time.  We were 5-2, I think while I was there.”  When asked about the best part, or the best thing he saw-  “Baseball is baseball no matter where you play, but the police escort the Red Sox got coming from the airport was impressive.”  Bates was asked if he was rooting extra hard for Boston now that he has played for them and they always give anyone who’s played for them, even briefly, a World Series Ring.  “Man, I hadn’t thought about that, but yeah, definitely”.  Ron Johnson was pleased with Bates- “He was given a great opportunity and I think he comes back with a nice sense of confidence.  There’s a unique feeling when you become a Major Leaguer.  That will prove to be very valuable for Aaron.”  RJ continued “He’s seen firsthand and had success.  He’ll use that to get much better.”




On Friday night, catcher Mark Wagner threw out successive attempted base-stealers in the third inning.  He gunned down Brian Bixler and Lastings Milledge.  Wagner, known for his strong and accurate arm says that is a fun facet of his game.  “I love throwing a guy out as much as getting a hit.”  “Wags” had gunned down 62% of would-be thieves in Portland this season.




Overheard Friday night in the Indianapolis dugout as burly catcher Carlos Maldonado lumbered up to the plate to pinch hit for the PawSox.  “Watch out for the bunt.”  His former Indy teammates realized the likeliehood of Maldo bunting was about as good as RJ ordering a salad.  When I told Maldonado about the jab- he roared with laughter.  Carlos did get the last laugh.  He had a base hit and an rbi.




Tough night for second baseman Travis Denker.  Despite hitting a home run, he’d just as soon forget Friday.  An errant throw from catcher Mark Wagner bounced funny and caught Denker in the throat.  He stayed in the game, but eventually needed  to go to the emergency room.  He’s OK, but still experiencing soreness in his throat.  On top of that, the air conditioning in his apartment wasn’t working.  Bad night despite the homer.  




Dusty Brown made a brief appearance at McCoy on Saturday.  The brand new father took batting practice and worked out before leaving to be with wife Jordan and son Jude.  Although he wasn’t required to be here, RJ felt it showed tremendous commitment.  “Brownie got his work in and he is in good position to help up in Boston should there be a need.”  RJ said he knew that Brown was coming in for a while on Saturday.  He has Sunday off with the Red Sox’ blessings and is scheduled to travel with the PawSox on Monday as the team heads for Rochester. 



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