Bubba Bell appreciates a good heckler.  He better, because a group of Lehigh Valley fans in the right field seats made his life miserable for 9 innings on Tuesday night.  The PawSox won the game 6-2, but the 26 year old Bell had to endure taunts and jabs throughout the entire game.  Aside from the obligatory chants of “Bubba sucks” and the catcalls of “Bubba Gump”, Bell said he was also showered with insults about his batting average (.127), his injury history and just aboiut everything else you could imagine.  “I don’t really mind it if it’s creative, but when it gets mean…”  Bell added that even though he was the target, he gave the hecklers their due.  “Man, these people did their homework.  They knew where I was from, everything about me, you name it.”  He drew the loudest jeers during the game when a balloon came onto the field.  Bell stepped on it to pop it.  After that, he had to listen to the chant of “Bubba hates kids” for a couple of innings.  After the end of the game, he politely turned towards the gang of fans and symbolically applauded their effort.  They, in turn applauded Bell as he left the field.  Nonetheless, Bubba was pleased that he would be somewhat insulated on Wednesday night, playing in centerfield.




Sometimes when you work for the PawSox, you take for granted that everyone knows how things “should be done.”  I’ve witnessed so many classy promotions at McCoy over the years that I am still a little taken aback when I see something like I saw on Tuesday.  To celebrate the 1 millionth fan in Coca Cola Park history, the Iron Pigs gave away a pretty lame prize package.  A pair of 2010 season tickets was a nice start, but it went down hill from there.  Also included in the swag- a “1 millionth fan” jersey, 1 million sips of Coca Cola, 1 million bites of pretzels, 1 million kernels of pop corn, 1 million potato chips and 1 million swings at a local driving range.  PATHETIC!!!  As I recall, the last time the PawSox celebrated a similar milestone, they gave the lucky fan a NEW CAR.  My advice to the management at Lehigh Valley, stop by McCoy for a visit and bring a notebook.




News on a couple of former PawSox pitchers.  Lefty Michael Tejera has signed a free agent deal with Cleveland.  You may recall I wrote about Tejera recently in my blog about Cuban defector, Aroldis Chapman (Hotfooting it out of Havana).  Bartolo Colon, the 2005 American League Cy Young winner has vanished.  Colon was scheduled to make a rehab start for Charlotte, but to this point hadn’t shown up at the ballpark.  No one in the organization, including White Sox general manager Ken WIlliams knew of Big Bart’s whereabouts.




We predicted it would happen, and it has.  After the PawSox’ debacle in Scranton due to unplayable field conditions, the Yankees will play their next two home games at Lehigh Valley on Thursday and Friday.  Scranton season ticket holders and fans cannot be happy.




Infielder Jeff Natale is wearing a sleeve on his right arm after he was hit by a pitch on Tuesday night.  The sleeve is supposed to help reduce swelling.  Natale took a shot to the elbow as he tried to brace himself for the pitch he thought was going to hit him in the spine.  The host of “At Bat With Nat” said he experienced numbness in his ring finger and pinkie, but that has subsided.



  1. denkerfan

    Ugh Just saw Jonathon Van Every was DFA’ed.

    Do you think someone will pick him up? Or will he clear waivers.

  2. juliasrants

    Fans can be SO rude! When you start making it personal you have crossed way over the line. And without a doubt – McCoy Stadium is one of the best places to see a game and all involved know how to make sure the fans have a great time!


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