Baseball is obviously a male-dominated world. The players, coaches, broadcasters.  Virtually everyone is a man.  There is one exception in the International League.  34 year old Beth Jarrett is the athletic trainer for the Syracuse Chiefs.  She is believed to be the first female trainer in the 126 year history of the International League. “It’s been great.  I’ve already had the chance to go home a couple of times.”  Jarrett grew up in Indianapolis and makes her offseason home in Charlotte.  Jarrett says working and living in a male oriented world isn’t hard for her.  “I guess I’ve been doing this so long and been around the guys so long that I’ve forgotten what the obstacles were. For me, it’s a job where I come out to the ballpark and do what I can to keep the guys out on the field.  After a time, you forget about the bad stuff and enjoy it while you can.”   Jarrett says she doesn’t feel the need to “prove herself” every spring training.  She jokes that she does have one shortcoming- “I guess I struggle to lift the water cooler and the guys razz me about that.  We all do our share.  I’m there so early, six o’clock in the morning.  You really don’t have time to think about things like that.  You’re doing what you have to do to get through the day.  Jarrett got bitten by the “baseball bug” at an early age.  “I was a bat girl in Indianapolis at 16, I loved being on the field.  I loved being with the guys.  When I got the chance to do it in high school, I knew it was for me.  I interned and worked my way through independent ball.  That was how I started.”    Jarrett enjoys the travel and visiting new places.  “I grew up an American Association gal, so it’s fun to work my way around the I.L.”  As far as she knows, Jarrett has the longest tenure of any female trainer, but she isn’t the only one.  “The Mets hired a girl and I think they have her working in the rookie league.  I had the chance to meet her at spring training.  Other than that, I’m not sure if there are any others.”  Jarrett claims that she isn’t necessarily focused on making it to the Major Leagues- “I just try to make it  through one season at a time.  The season is long enough and it’s hard enough being away from friends and family.  I try not to think about what the next step is going to be.  Triple A is where I wanted to be.  I’m so happy to be here that anything else that comes after it is going to be a bonus.”  While she loves her job, the offseason is something Jarrett looks forward to.  “The season is so long.  I get burned out.  When I was younger, trying to make ends meet, I worked in clinics and high schools.  The last few years, I’ve been fortunate.  I’ve saved up some meal money and I’m able to travel.  On her first trip to McCoy, Jarrett was impressed with the ballpark.  “I love it.  I love the atmosphere and the way things are set up.  It’s very unique and fun.  I’ve had a great time.”


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