As former PawSox hurler David Pauley took the mound against Pawtucket on Thursday afternoon, I had mixed emotions.  Of course, I wanted Pawtucket to win, but I also hoped that Pauley would pitch well.  The 26 year old spent parts of the last few seasons in Pawtucket and won 14 games for us in 2008.  On top of that, he’s a fantastic guy.  It reminded me of a similar situation I found myself in a couple of seasons ago.  Former I.L. All Star Tim Kester was with Pawtucket in 2004 and 2005.  We got to be friendly and we stay in touch to this day.  He came back to McCoy as a member of the Ottawa Lynx and was starting against his former teammates.  He got himself into a jam, loading the bases.  He methodically worked his way out of the mess,  and as he struck out the last batter of the inning, I temporarily forgot he was no longer one of the “good guys”.  As I screamed “Kester- struck him out to end the inning!!” Dan looked at me as if I was nuts. I caught myself and became extra-subdued.  “We’ll be back right after this timeout on the PawSox Radio Network”.  Apparently I was so effusive in my praise and description of Kesters’ strikeout, one of his Lynx teammates told him- “Man, that Pawtucket radio guy really likes you.”  They had the game on the radio in the visitors’ clubhouse at McCoy.  Kester and I got a good laugh out of it then and Hoard and I got a good laugh out of it today.  Although I think I was very complimentary of Pauley, I was happy the PawSox were 7-4 winners.  I was sorry my friend had a tough day.  He will bounce back.  He always does.




Nice P.R. for the PawSox on Thursday.  John Smoltz’ picture was featured on the front of the “USA Today” sports section.  Smoltz was seen sitting in the McCoy Stadium dugout, wearing a PawSox cap.




Dusty Brown has been optioned back to Pawtucket, from Boston.  Brown caught an inning the other night, the ninth.  It was a PawSox reunion, as he caught Daniel Bard.  Brown was excited as he made his Major League debut.




Jolbert Cabrera plays for the Norfolk club.  He is the older brother of former Red Sox shortstop, Orlando.  Around Christmas in 2001, Cabrera was driving his S.U.V. in his hometown of Cartagena, Colombia when he was a carjacking victim.  As he tried to protect his family, he sustained a bullet wound to his backside as his assailant shot him.  If someone gets shot anywhere else, there’s not so much as a smile.  When you take one in the “can”, it opens up all kinds of jokes.  Fortunately, Cabrera was OK.  It reminded me of an episode of my favorite show M*A*S*H*.  A soldier sustained a similar wound.  As he lie on his stomach, somewhat embarassed, he asked Dr. Pierce (Alan Alda) what he should say when folks back home ask him where he was shot.  Hawkeye replied- “Tell them you were shot in Korea.”




We (the entire PawSox travelling entourage) were treated to a superb meal Thursday by owner Ben Mondor. Occasionally, Ben will spring for a “spread” on the road and feed his boys.  Thursday’s feast was catered by Outback Steakhouse.  Sliced sirloin, ribs, chicken breasts, shrimp, wings, mashed potatoes, salad and veggies provided everyone with a full belly and a big smile.  Mike Jones, our strength and conditioning coach appreciated the food.  “I’ve been with a lot of teams but I have never before seen such generosity.”




A couple of other details to clean up.  Jed Lowrie sat out Thursdays’ game.  So did Bubba Bell.  Lowrie has a bruised knee after getting hit by a pitch on Tuesday.  Bell complained of fatigue and soreness in his legs.




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