Tom Hanks played manager Jimmy Dugan in the baseball movie “A League of Their Own”.  His famous quote about crying is played on giant video scoreboards around the country after an opposing player complains about an umpires’ call or there is a gripe of some kind.  That is part of the game.  I have found that there is crying in baseball.  Someone is always getting ripped off.  A pitcher was getting “squeezed” by an umpire.  A batter checked his swing.  Another hitter vows that he knows the strioke zone better than the umpire.  You get it.  A seasoned veteran once told me that a hitter shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt, if in his previous at bat, he was flailing at pitches outside the strike zone.  Nearly every day or so, a manager or coach will make a call to the official scorer to try to get a call changed.  “It would lower my guys’ ERA.” or “My guy needs the hit, give the points.”  It gets a little sickening.  You can never please everybody.  We are pounding Durham in their park.  At this stage, the PawSox have taken three straight with Clay Buchholz scheduled to take the mound on Monday night.  I like our chances.  After Sundays’ 5-3 PawSox win, I had to sit and listen to just how horrible the Durham Bulls are.  This came from one of their staff members.  The Bulls aren’t horrible, they are just riding a horrendous streak that has seen them drop 11 of their last 12 games.  I’m a compassionate guy, but I don’t care!  Those are the breaks of the game.  We’ve all watched in horror as our favorite team has swooned uncontrollably.  Did they feel badly for us?? No way.   Baseball is a long season- a marathon, not a sprint.  You go through streak after streak after streak.  The key is to not get too high when things are going well and not to get too low when they swirl the bowl.  This guy from the Bull’s staff nearly had me wanting to take my own life as he whined about how they “could, woulda, shoulda.”  Former Syracuse University and New England Patriots head coach Dick MacPherson liked to say- “If “Ifs and buts” were candy and nuts, then every day’d be Christmas.”  Save it for someone who cares.  Where I do have some compassion when it comes to the Bulls, is for manager Charlie Montoyo and his young son Alex.  The not-yet 2 year old is about to undergo his third open heart surgery at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.  Montoyo will be leaving the club in the hands of pitching coach Xavier Hernandez and hitting instructor Dave Myers.  Young Alex has been diagnosed with Epstein’s Abnormality.  Let’s all say one for Alex and the Montoyos.     


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