You can’t make a trip to Durham, North Carolina without thinking about the iconic movie classic “Bull Durham.”  The giant, snorting, red-eyed, tail wagging, smoke breathing billboard high above the leftfield wall in Durham is a constant reminder.  If you hit the bull you win a steak from a local restaurant, BUT only if you are a Durham player.  A couple of seasons ago, PawSox infielder Ed Rogers hit it and found out the hard way.  “Bull Durham” celebrated its’ 20th anniversary last season with a concert in Carolina, headlined by Kevin Costner and his band “Modern West”.  We had Ron Shelton, the movies’ writer and director on “PawSox Insider” last season to take a look back.  The movies’ impact is still felt here on “Tobacco Road”.  Although licensing agreements prevent the Bulls from selling movie memorablilia at the park, they get about 300 requests a year for custom made jerseys with the names “LaLoosh” and “Davis” and their numbers on the back.  TRIVIA QUESTION-  What numbers did Tim Robbins and Kevin Costner, the movies two stars, wear as “Nuke” LaLoosh and “Crash” Davis in the movie? (answer at the end of the blog)  The impact goes far beyond North Carolina.  Pawtucket righthander Clay Buchholz is a big fan of the movie- “I’m an enormous “Bull Durham” fan- I love it.”  Buchholz, who’s scheduled to start on Monday against Tampa’s lefthander Scott Kazmir is such an afficianado, that he named his English Bulldog, “Nuke”.  Like Tim Robbins’ character, Ebby Calvin LaLoosh, Buch’s puppy, just about a year old, is big, very big and getting bigger.  “Nuke weighs 88 pounds and could get up to about 100 pounds.”  Unlike LaLoosh, called “Meat” in the movie by the older and much wiser Davis, the dog has some smarts. “Nuke is smart and he’s got a sense of humor.”  Buchholz, like a proud papa says he loves his dog.  Clay brags that his dog comes from excellent blood lines.  “Both his parents were show dogs.  I’m not going to “show” Nuke, but he is a great dog.” 




I got a laugh on Saturday as I was sitting in the lobby of our hotel in Durham (I’m a big lobby-sitter and people-watcher)  Jeff Bailey came down and we started to chat.  A couple of minutes later, Billy Traber got off the elevator and all three of us started to laugh when we realized that Traber and Bailey were wearing the exact same t-shirt.  Not a Red Sox issue, but a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, celebrating a concert tour from 1977.  Both men are rock and roll fans.  After much debate, Traber retreated to his room to change his shirt.  Only then, did it dawn on me that neither fella was even alive during Zeppelin’s tour.  Bailey was born in 1978 and Traber in 1979.  (I graduated from high school in 1979- yes- I’m old!)




Just a random thought.  When we refer to Chris Carter by his nickname “CC”, do the Hispanic players on the PawSox think we’re saying “Yes, Yes” ??



TRIVIA ANSWER-  In “Bull Durham”  “Nuke” LaLoosh was #37 and “Crash” Davis was #8




P.S.  We are working on getting “AT BAT WITH NAT” online.  Check PawSox.com or this blog for an update this week.



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    Would you rather have a million dollars or Hyder’s hat full of nickels? HUGE head!

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