Things happen on the road and sometimes I wish someone else was there to corroborate my story.  Honestly, I speak only the truth.  These things make me laugh, and I hope they make you laugh, too.  On Thursday night in Louisville in the series finale between the PawSox and Bats, RJ killed the PawSox momentum twice early in the game.  He sent Paul McAnulty and Chris Carter home in consecutive innings, only to have them both gunned down at the plate.  In the next inning, he held Jonathan Van Every at third and he and JV high-fived to celebrate the “non-end” to the inning.  RJ said that the fans were mocking him and having a great time at his expense.  I understand his theory.  The PawSox have a difficult time scoring runs this season, so if you can manufacture a run or two, it makes a huge difference.  This time it just didn’t work out.  During a snack stop on the bus ride to Indianapolis, someone bought RJ a set of walkie talkies to use so people in the dugout can tell him NOT to send future dead ducks home.  Even after a loss, this made a lot of people laugh.




We got another good chuckle on the bus while we watched the old comedy classic “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”  By the way, what two future Academy Award winners were in this flick? (answer at the end of the blog).  Early in the movie Stacy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) meets a stereo salesman at the mall and eventually they “hook up”.  His name in the movie elicited a roar from the bus as he introduced himself…”Hi, I’m Ron Johnson.”  A little later in the movie he sends flowers to Stacy.  Her brother Brad (Judge Reinhold) asks a question that a lot of folks have…”Who the hell is Ron Johnson.”





After our day game in Kentucky I was wandering around looking for something to do.   I love book stores, so I went into Borders and began to look around.  I got myself a cup of coffee and settled into one of the very comfortable easy chairs with something to read.  I was a little tired and apparently dozed off.  I dropped my coffee and awoke with a start as a guy in the chair next to mine began shouting “HE SPILLED HIS DRINK, HE DROPPED HIS COFFEE!!” This guy reminded me of the actor who played “Warren” in The Farrelly Brothers flick “There’s Something About Mary”.  The guy yelled it out about 5 or 6 times.  By then I was a little embarassed so I got another cup and sheepishly left.  At least he wasn’t yelling “FRANKS AND BEANS.”




My old broadcast partner, Andy Freed is in his fifth year as the voice of the Tampa Bay Rays.  He does a really great job along with his partner Dave Wills.  Andy has a lovely wife and a beautiful little daughter.  He has a lot to be proud of.  But in my eyes, he has zoomed up the “respect-meter”.  Twice in the last year he has earned a mention on The Howard Stern show on Sirius Radio.  Andy and I bonded over our mutual admiration for “The King of All Media.”  His most recent mention came the other day when he used a term that Paris Hilton has been using to describe something momentous- “HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE”  Not especially insightful, but it caught Howard’s ear and he mentioned Freed and played a clip from a recent Rays broadcast.  BABABOOEY  !!!!


answer- Sean Penn (Milk) and Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) both won Oscars and appeared in “FTARH”.



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