The old adage in baseball is that you hope “that a day off isn’t followed by an off day.”  The PawSox enjoyed their only scheduled day off in the month of May on Wednesday.  The schedule dictates that each team in the league averages a day off per month.  It is always interewsting to find out how the guys spend their “down time”.  Here is a random sampling of how the guys spent their day off.


Kris Johnson- went sightseeing in Newport, ate at O’Brien’s Pub


Mike Jones (strength coach) -went to Fenway (his first trip)


Chris George-  Took his 3 children to Roger Williams Zoo


Chris Carter- rested


Sean Danielson-  went to the Wolverine movie (loved it)


Iggy Suarez- saw movie Angels and Demons (2 thumbs up)


Jeff Natale- watched American Idol finale


Carlos Maldonado- ate at Cheesecake Factory


Paul McAnulty- put together a feast that a bunch of the PawSox attended.  “Rib tips, macaroni and cheese,beans, home-baked cookies”.  McAnulty said it was good to get together in a non-baseball context.  ” we ate a lot of food that was good, but not good for you.  We had a great time.”  Among those in attendance- John Otness and Billy Traber.



Slugger Chris Carter revealed another side of himself around the batting cage.  When he heard that I saw “Star Trek”, he confided that he is a “trekkie”.  Carter added- “I’ve never dressed up, but I appreciate people who do.”  Live Long and Prosper.




Next on my summer reading list is a suspense book by James Grippando, best-selling author of Born to Run.  Grippando’s latest book is called “Intent to Kill”.  The book is a  gift from PawSox owner Ben Mondor.  Grippando apparently spent some time watching PawSox games as a boy and McCoy Stadium is featured prominently in the thriller.



Kason Gabbard is still at extended Spring Training in Fort Myers.  Gabby is working on arm strength and according to field coordinator, Rob Leary, the lefthander could be in pawtucket some time in June.




A couple of Big Leaguers are slated to appear at McCoy this weekend.  Chien Ming Wang is scheduled to pitch for Scranton.  He could be facing Mark Kotsay.  Kotsay has been nursing a calf injury he sustained while coming back from back surgery.             


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